Google’s Project Loon aims to bring affordable Internet to Everyone


Few hours ago, Google has shared one of its revolutionary ideas they are working on i.e. to bring internet to everyone at a cheaper price. Project Loon sounds marvelous to me, a mind-blowing idea that will for sure fetch appreciation from one and all. When […]

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Repeat a portion of YouTube Video with Looper [Google Chrome extension]


As you all know Youtube contains endless videos on all possible topics that are mostly very informative. You just have to type your keyword, the site starts populating hundreds of videos that relate to your topic. Since people from all over the world upload videos […]

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Configure Opera Turbo To Bypass Specific Websites


Opera Turbo, is the in-built mechanism used by Opera browser to speed up web browsing. For those of you who don’t know what Opera Turbo is, you can refer to our article “What actually is Opera Turbo”, for more information. By using Opera Turbo you’ll […]

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Windows Security Error “These files can’t be opened” Solved

These files can't be opened error

I’m a regular downloader and I try many new softwares daily. As usual, today I downloaded a program that has a .bat file in it and when I tried to run the batch file by double click, I faced the following error. I’m seeing this […]

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5 Best Freewares to Capture Screen Without Windows Aero Effects


Taking good screenshots now-a-days need some skill. With advent of Aero and its transparency many screenshots started to look ugly. Due to aero transparency, the background items are clearly visible through windows and they give an unprofessional look to screenshots. But, on the other side […]

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Get 1 Year License Key of Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.0 for Free

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro 2.0

Panda cloud antivirus is a well-known free antivirus for Windows. Yesterday, Panda Cloud Antivirus was upgraded to a major version. New Features : Community-based firewall (pro edition only). New cloud-based disinfection engine. New behavioral analysis engine in the free edition. Improved offline protection. Process monitor […]

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Slick RSS: A Full Fledged RSS Reader for Google Chrome


Many of us follow RSS feeds to get latest information from around the web and many browsers come with built-in RSS readers. But  not Google Chrome. Despite being the most popular browser on market it doesn’t support RSS feeds. Hence, many chrome users rely on […]

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Download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview for Free


Much anticipated Microsoft Office 2013 has entered the phase of Customer Preview. You can download it for free and try it. Some highlights of Microsoft Office 2013 are: Social network integration, ability to edit PDFs, cloud integration with skydrive etc.

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Enjoy Web Browsing in a Clutter-free way with Evernote Clearly

Themes offered by Clearly

Many of us spend a lot of time online, reading articles from various websites. I’m no stranger to that. I love clean websites that don’t distract me from reading. I even shared with you guys on how to focus on reading in Firefox sometime back. […]

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Change the Background of Windows 7 Logon Screen With Sunrise Seven

Sunrise Seven 1

Sunrise Seven is a freeware application that comes with a collection of tweaks for Windows. Some of the tweaks are changing logon background screen, Configure UAC, shell, context menu and to change services to increase performance.

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