Screen Capture Shortcut: A Free Screenshot App for Android [No Rooting Required]

I am relatively new to Android phones as I don’t yet own an Android phone. But, recently an Android application developer contacted me to review his App. The app itself is interesting so I told him that I’ll review it, as my Dad has Samsung Galaxy Y. And you all know, screenshots are must for the review. I know how to take screenshots on PC but not on Android. So, I started to search and found many complicated tutorials, using Java SDK, Android SDK etc. But, I was interested in a straight forward method, such as an App using which I take screenshots directly on my phone. So, I started to search Google Play and found many screen capturing apps but to my disappointment many of them need your phone to be rooted!

As I said, I’m relatively new to Android so don’t want to root the phone, because I heard rooting phone may void warranty. So, now I’m back to the place where I left, searching for a free screen capturing app that needs no rooting. I found few apps but only one that really worked is Screen Capture Shortcut.

Screen Capture Shortcut residing in the notification area

Screen Capture Shortcut residing in the notification area

Screen Capture Shortcut is pretty straightforward. Once the app is installed, it resides in the notification area. Just tap on it and it’ll capture screenshot of your phone. All the captured screenshots will be automatically saved in the folder “ScreenCapture”. It also has delayed capture feature with which you can capture screenshot after sometime. To set the delay time, open the Screen Capture Shortcut app and will show you settings from where you can set the delay time.

Configure Settings

Easy way to configure Settings

Also you can see it has the ability to take screenshot on shake. But, this feature is disabled in the free version. Also, the free version will show Ads at bottom. So, if you don’t ads and want to capture on shake then you can buy it for just $1.26.

Capture on Shake is unavailable in free version

Capture on Shake is unavailable in free version

So, if you are new to Android and want a straight forward app to take screenshots, then Screen Capture Shortcut is for you. You don’t need to download those SDK’s nor there is any need to root your phone. Just install the app, capture from the notification window.

PS : Even though on the official page they say that The supported devices are: Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S II. It worked on Galaxy Y too. So, just install it and see, your phone may be supported even though it is not listed on the app page at Google Play.

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