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Want to know best plugins for Firefox? or Want to tweak firefox on your own? or Just want to improve the productivity by speeding up most common tasks? Then check out the articles below.

3 Addons to Improve Readability in Firefox

Daily we visit many websites to stay updated with the latest happenings in technology, to learn new tricks and most importantly, to grab freebies :P. Different websites use different colors, different fonts and different...

Zonealarm Pro in conflict with Firefox

I have been using Zonealarm for a while now, since their recent giveaway during Patch Tuesday promotion. Since then, I feel that I have damn good protection. Zonealarm Firewall is rocking, blocking every application...

Browser comparison – Part 1

Firefox vs Opera vs Internet Explorer vs Chrome vs K-meleon vs safari vs Maxthon vs Avant Browser Which one is the best? Which is faster? Which is lighter? I put all these browsers to...

Style your Firefox with Personas

Ten weeks back Mozilla lanched a project called “Personas”. Within the short span of 10 weeks Personas has reached 5 million downloads worldwide and heading towards 10 million strongly. Idea of Personas : The... © 2005