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JoliCloud Linux for your small Netbook

Jolicloud aims to make a step forward toward cloud computing and especially designed for notebooks. The operating system is based on Linux (Light Linux, Debian and Ubuntu 9.10, ) and the main axe is...


Review of Mandriva one 2009

I usually try a lot of Linux distros. Linux is best suited to my work environment. By using Linux I can save a few bucks that I spend on products like MS Office and...


Linux Mint and gOS – Ubuntu+

Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux Operating system. There are many reasons for Ubuntu’s success. Some of its features are discussed below : It’s easy to use. Many basic functions can be done...


Which Linux distro is for me?

Ahhh… Windows is boring! This is nth time that my system crashed due to virus, incompatibility issues… I’ve mastered windows and what next? May be some of you are facing these kind of questions... © 2005