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Dreamhost Apps improved!

Dreamhost Apps is a free hosting for web applications (Content Management Systems) provided by Dreamhost. For more information about Dreamhost Apps, see my review about Dreamhost Apps here. I wrote that review on June...

WordPress 2.8.3 update recommended

WordPress 2.8.3 is released. The developers say that it is a security release and they strongly recommend to update all the previous versions to this version. Everyone knows that the transition to WordPress 2.8...

DreamHost Apps – Strings attached

I always loved Dreamhost, don’t know why? but I just love them. Definitely Dreamhost is different from other hosts. Dreamhost people are very generous, they started Dreamhost Apps to encourage bloogers who can’t afford...

Goodbye Adbrite!

Adbrite is the worst advertising company I have ever seen. I first started a blog and then upgraded that blog into a full fledged site. I have been using Adbrite for around 4 months.... © 2005