Manage Google Books With GooReader [50% discount codes included]

There are several ebook managers that focus on building a library but GooReader main purpose is to target Google Books.  If you are a student, writer, literary, scientist… then you will find GooReader a good bookshelf in order to search and categorize Google Books easily without going to add Scripts on your internet browser or using download managers. GooReader is available as freeware and the shareware version allows downloading Google Books as PDF.

In this article we introduce the concept of GooReader bookshelf as a means to capture, organize, and manage information about ebooks. The schema itself is dynamic. That is, the schema can be extended, contracted without changing the representation of existing objects or the tools that manipulate those objects.

GooReader architecture consists of three major parts: a user interface, an information repository, and a collection of tools. The client side user interface has a search utility Web browser, which is used to access bookshelf content or more accurately, stores pointers to diverse information sources.

Because the application downloads free or “limited preview” books, which, much like the “look inside” feature, permits access only to pages that the publisher has agreed to make available, there is no “intellectual property theft” involved in using the application. To access to your online Google Library switch to Search interface and open the left sidebar and log into your Google Account. From there you can have access to the purchased ones, your favorites.

To search Google Books, just enter the book title or author or ISBN in the search box and click. Once the search is over then the result will be on, hover the mouse over a selection the a small popup window will appear affording more info and some options:

  1. Add To Library,
  2. URL Link (
  3. Read Book
  4. Create PDF (Shareware Version).

Also GooReader lets the user to import PDF from user personal collection. Just Switch to Library mode and click on Add Book that is located on the bottom left of the interface and open the right location on the pc.

GooReader allows you to read and re-read the PDF books from the library irrespective of whether you are connected or disconnected from Internet. The ebook reader offers all the expected options such as the zoom, the full screen, turn the pages with the mouse, rotation, the ability to annotate pages. The annotated pages can be exported as image file but if you want to export as PDF, it will be possible only with the shareware version. GooReader also keeps in memory your position in the book. To create a bookmark click the Bookmark button in the Reader control panel. All bookmarks are saved in the file gooreader.xml.

GooReader is very useful, specially for previewing University course related books. You can search inside a book, you can enter the search query and get the search results — fragments of pages where the text was found. Download your free copy from the below link.

Download : GooReader

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