3 Addons to Improve Readability in Firefox

Daily we visit many websites to stay updated with the latest happenings in technology, to learn new tricks and most importantly, to grab freebies :P. Different websites use different colors, different fonts and different layouts. Some sites use dark backgrounds and some use light backgrounds. If you are frequently switching from dark to light background sites or vice versa for a few hours, then you are straining your eyes which may eventually lead to an eye sight. Not only that, flashy Ads annoy us too and won’t let us concentrate on the article that we are reading.

How can we browse the web without any distractions and straining of eyes? Shall we ask all webmasters to use a single layout and use same fonts and colors? If this happens then it will be the eighth wonder! The other solution will be to set our browser such that, whatever style may the website use, the output given by the Web Browser is always same. This is a practical solution. In Firefox, this can be achieved through addons. The following 3 addons can enhance your web browsing experience, by making the web page look more clearer and clutter free, so that you can concentrate on the article alone without any distractions.

The 3 addons about which I was talking are

I’ll show you how these addons change the layout of the page and make it more clearer to read.

Actual webpage

Actual webpage

1. Readability :

This is the perfect addon of its kind. Other plugins that are similar to Readability have some bugs in them, but Readability was developed brilliantly and it does its job perfectly. Readability not only makes the the webpage readable but it also removes unnecessary Ads and Sidebars.

Improve Firefox readability, layout, fonts of webpage

Clean format. Not even logo, sidebar, Ads and other menus

2. Tidy Read :

Like Readability, Tidy Read addon also removes clutter and make webpage look clearer. It automatically changes article fonts and color once the article is detected. Tidy Read offers more functions like changing the color of background, font size etc from the menu above the article. Sometimes, Tidy Read tries to change the layout even if the webpage is not an article. When I was on a forum, Tidy Read mistakenly detected the forum webpage as article and converted the layout.

Improve readability with Tidyread

Actual Page in Tidy Read with options in top menu bar

3. iReader :

iReader is the exact clone of Safari’s Reader. When an article is loaded, iReader icon will appear in the address bar. When you click that icon, then the webpage is transformed into an eye pleasing format with more clear fonts and colors.

Firefox addon that look like Safari Reader

Safari Reader’s clone for firefox

The aim of all the above plugins is to make webpages clutter-free so that you can read and grasp information without any distraction. If you are looking for such kind of addons then go a head and install the addon on your firefox.

Have a Healthy and Happy Web Browsing!

Tip : If you want to take printout of a webpage then use one of the above plugins and then take print out. So, that the printed page is free from Ads, sidebars and other unnecessary stuff.

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