Style your Firefox with Personas

Ten weeks back Mozilla lanched a project called “Personas”. Within the short span of 10 weeks Personas has reached 5 million downloads worldwide and heading towards 10 million strongly.

Idea of Personas :

The idea of Personas is just amazing. Personas is something similar to the Firefox themes. The difference between Personas and the themes are as follows :

1. Actually Personas is not completely a theme. It just stylize your existing theme.

2. No need to restart everytime after changing Personas.

Get Personas today :

To see how Personas works, go to There are around 13000 personas to choose from. Personas is a small plugin of size 210 KB or so. Install it and restart your browser. Choose a persona and wear it. It’s just that simple. Try it today! See the image below to see how Firefox looks after installing Personas.

Mozilla rocks!

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