Zonealarm Pro in conflict with Firefox

I have been using Zonealarm for a while now, since their recent giveaway during Patch Tuesday promotion. Since then, I feel that

I have damn good protection. Zonealarm Firewall is rocking, blocking every application which access internet and I feel that I am safe… blah.. blah… blah.

Yes, Zonealarm keeps you safe, but what about compatibility with other softwares that I regularly work with. Zonealarm interferes a lot with my normal work. I am not talking about granting access or blocking that application, I am talking about the compatibility with that application.

Zonealarm is interfering a lot with Firefox and Firefox is not able to do its work correctly. I love Firefox because it gives me flexibility through addons/plugins/extensions. I also love Zonealarm because it makes me feel safe. But my over concern about safety is killing my flexibility and day to day work. You may ask me How is it possible? This is how it is. By default, Zonealarm installs a toolbar on browsers IE and Firefox to protect me on web. Everyone knows that Firefox itself is safe, but why these toolbars and other stuff? (Hmm… think about it.) But, I felt that the Zonealarm toolbar will provide another layer of protection to Firefox. I don’t know whether Zonealarm toolbar provided another layer of protection, but I can surely say that Zonealarm have degraded the Firefox performance. Once see the image below.

Firefox working correctly

In the above image you can see the plugins Foxytunes, Firebug etc are available, when Zonealarm toolbar is not enabled. But let me show you what happens to them when Zonealarm Toolbar is enabled.

Zonealarm interfering with Firefox

Now you can see that Foxytunes and Firebug are not showing even though they are enabled. Who did this magic? Zonealarm. Yes, Zonealarm is interfering too much with Firefox and because of this I am unable to use Firebug and other plugins correctly.

So what should I do now?

Should I keep Zonealarm toolbar? because it saves me from threats. Or should I remove that toolbar to keep my work go on…

I decided to remove Zonealarm toolbar, because I know that my Firefox is secure and it needs no additional security. If I feel unsecure then I’ll install free alternatives like WOT, Siteadvisor or AVG linkscanner which don’t interrupt with my work. If you experience such problems then just uninstall Zonealarm toolbar and your problem will be solved. Don’t uninstall the Zonalarm Pro application, this will make your PC vulnerable to threats. So, keep that application intact and remove the toolbar only.

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