Download Auslogics’ “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” eBook for free [Limited Edition]

Auslogics is a reputed company that make softwares which help you optimize and clean your PC, so that it’ll provide optimum performance everytime. Just few hours ago I’ve received an email newsletter from Auslogics informing me that they have released a PC Optimization book called, “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” (174 Pages).

Turbo Windows eBook

Turbo Windows eBook Cover

Before writing this article, I’ve taken a quick look at the chapter titles and it looks like, Auslogics have put all their experience into this book. What I liked about this book is that it is not an advertisement of their products. Auslogics have played it like a gentleman by not advertising their products too much in their book. They have concentrated on how to bring the best from the default tools (CHKDSK etc) of Windows and how to automate these default tools to optimize PC without using external softwares. In fact, they even talked about good 3rd party softwares that helps you in optimizing Windows. So, it is sure that Auslogics have made this book not to advertise their product but to tell people how to optimize their PC with the best available tools.

Get “Turbo Windows – The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide” for free :

In their newsletter they’ve mentioned

Just a quick reminder: unfortunately, since this is a limited edition, we are going to limit the number of downloads. So if you are interested, please download it right away before the download limit is reached.

So, they are going to giveaway this ebook (PDF version) for free until the stock lasts. So, hurry up and download it for free from the link below.

Download : Turbo Windows (PDF)

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