Dreamhost unlimited webhosting almost free

Dreamhost promotion

Dreamhost promotion

Dreamhost, a very very reliable and reputable webhosting company is offering a limited time holiday promotion. I swear that this is going to be the best webhosting offer you can get from a company like Dreamhost, in this holiday season. Before letting you know how to grab this offer, let me share some of the features of Dreamhost with you.

  • Unlimited storage (in TB’s) with regular backups up to 50 GB.
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and subdomain hosting.
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited Mysql databases
  • 1 Domain will be given for free as long as you stay at Dreamhost.
  • 1 click auto script installers + $75 worth Google Adwords credit free.
  • 24 x 7 support, 100 % uptime guarantee, 97 days money back guarantee.

For a limited time, Dreamhost is giving 92% discount on their yearly webhosting. You save over $110! You have to pay only $9.24, that’s less than $1 per month. To avail this offer you have to use the coupon code 777. Another thing is that this offer is available to some regions and for new customers only. I am from India and this offer is not for me. I think that this offer is valid in United States, it’s my guess only, I didn’t tested it. Last time also they ran a similar promotion and people from USA are eligible for this offer. So, you can use USA proxy to grab this offer. I recommend you to use a free VPN service called Hotspotshield to hide your real IP address and get USA IP address. Hurry up! this offer expires today! i.e. 11:59 PM P.S.T, 12/18/2009.

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4 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    Yeah both are good, Niche and Products (which is often referred as Affiliate marketing).

  2. Emil says:

    Thanks for tip!
    Visited your link and it was a new site which never heard of before.
    Can imagine it’s possible become successful in make reviews and it looks like a serious network who standing behind it with reliable sponsors.
    Yhea there is a point there, always good to have an own niche which don’t have to compete and share the field with many other websites which provide the same thing.
    “If talking of make some money”. Believe that’s an idea which can work if there allready exist an company who haveing the website and can become a source with products for example that being sold through the website like an online store. My own idea is made of the complete opposit, I don’t really believe it’s possible to sell “real” products but I think it’s possible to help them who already produce and haveing good stuff to sell.
    Both good ideas niche or products.
    Who knows what will happen
    Have a great day and thanks friend
    Lets stay in touch

  3. Emil says:

    Thanks for sharing the tip!
    Merry Christmas!

    $9,25 seems fair and a good offer for one year.
    I’m a bit interested into startup and make a new webbsite.
    Still it will be the first in my own experience.
    Perhaps this alt to choose Dreamhost might be a little bit too professional for a newbie.
    I don’t know, any help is welcome
    Domain or not domain that’s the question

    • Samuel says:

      Well Emil, for newbies Dreamhost can be too professional as you said. Coming to buying a domain, it depends on you. First of all before starting a blog you have to ask a few questions to yourself.

      1. Do you have a good knowledge in your own niche? (Niche is nothing but a category. Choose a category in which you have extensive knowledge and you love most)
      2. Can you spend time daily in bringing useful content? (Blogging on a regular basis is one of the secret of success)
      3. What for are you blogging? (Money? If it is that then you’ll be disappointed. Money through blogging is a long term process, it may take a year or two for you to make money)

      If you want instant money, that is earning in a few months, I recommend you http://www.sharedreviews.com. If you have any doubts you can contact me Emil. You can find the Contact link on top.

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