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Avira is a very popular free product and their paid versions have always scored very high ranks in the tests conducted by Independent testing firms like AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, VB100 etc. Even though their free product provides good amount of protection, it is not as good as the paid versions, mainly because the free version of lacks the superior proactive protection provided by the paid versions. Hence, I am always on look out for Avira promotions.

Avira Internet Security 2012

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Previously, we used to have many 90 days and 180 days Avira promotions, but in recent times Avira free promotions have become very very rare. It’s almost like looking for water in desert. Today, Avira announced an awesome free promotion on Facebook, it’s like finding an Oasis in Sahara desert after a long time. Because, this promotion is not like the previous ones. Through this promotion Avira giving away 1 year (not sure though) license keys of Avira Internet Security 2012 for free. Just follow the steps below to get Avira Internet Security 2012 license key for free :

Note : You must have an account at Facebook to receive the free license.

  1. Login to your facebook account.
  2. Goto Avira’s Facebook page.
  3. You’ll be greeted by Avira Sweepstakes – “Internet Security 2012 Challenge”. If not, click here.Avira Internet Security Free one year license key promotion
  4. Click on Enter Sweepstakes.
  5. Sweepstakes app will now ask for your permission. Remember that in order to get free license, you must grant access. So, click on Allow.
  6. Now, you’ll be forwarded to a page with an entry form. Fill in the details and hit Submit.

    Fill in your details (not mine), like I did.

That’s it. You have entered the Avira’s Sweepstakes. You’ll receive confirmation email from Avira, informing you that your entry has been received. But, the license key will be emailed to you only after October 17th. May be Avira is going to release their new 2012 products then. So, you have one month of time to enter Avira’s Sweepstakes. Also, Avira gave another bonus here. If at all Avira gets 10000 likes in this month, then they’ll extend¬†the duration of license key for one month. If they get 20000, then they’ll add two more months and so on. So, share this promo with your friends and let them like Avira’s Facebook page. This way, both Avira and us will have Win-Win situation.

Update : It’s now confirmed that the license key which you get through this promotion is for 14 months! If Avira reaches 150000 likes by October 17th, then the subscription length will be extended for 15 months. Hurry up!

Update 2 : Avira Sweepstakes is finished and Avira has given 18 month free license key to all participants. Congrats to everybody who grabbed a free license and others, you missed it badly. Only time has to tell if Avira will conduct such promo again.

Avira Internet Security 18 month license key

On Oct 18th, Avira has sent me 18 month free license key

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