Get Screen Calipers Serial Number for Free [BitsDuJour Promo]

BitsDuJour is a popular website where you can buy many softwares at very cheap price. But, now you can get a software at 100% discount on BitsDuJour! Yes, BitdDuJour is giving away free serial numbers of Screen Calipers software (MAC and Windows) for those who like their Facebook page.

Screen Calipers

Courtesy :

Developer’s description about Screen Calipers :

The Screen Calipers are the unique on-screen measurement tool, that let you measure anything on your computer screen with ultimate accuracy. The Screen Calipers floats above any other application so you can measure anything on your screen:

  • Web Designers: measure pixel perfect HTML layouts
  • Graphic Designers: measure photos and illustrations
  • Engineers: perfect for CAD, measure blueprints, plans and architectural drawings
  • Education: teach students physics, biology or maths
  • Medicine: measure x-rays or EKG, ECG printouts
  • Industry: use with any manufacturing system
  • Microscopy: connect your microscope and measure magnified items
  • Cartography: use with any mapping software
  • And more: there is no limit to the uses

In order to get Screen Calipers software for free, go to BitsDuJour Facebook page and like it. After you like it, the serial number will be given to you.

Now download, Screen Calipers using the link below and activate it with the serial number which you received.

Download : Screen Calipers

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3 Responses

  1. Sujay says:

    Released on 9th November 2006. 😮 But still win7 compatible..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Thank you. I’ve seen this app before and wanted to have in my toolbox, but now the price is really right! 😉 Thanks again!

  1. December 15, 2011

    […] promo I just read about this Facebook promo from BitsDuJour on one of our member's blog HERE Thanks!! I'm been wanting this app for awhile now — using PicPick for doing this but the ruler is […]

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