A List of Christmas 2011 Advent Calendar Giveaways

Christmas season has already come. Like last year, this year also we have many Advent Calendar Giveaways. These Advent Calendar Giveaways are so fun and exciting. All freebies will be hiding beneath the Gift boxes or Dates of Calendar until their day comes. Many big computer magazine companies like Chip, PC Welt etc. (especially German ones) will give away awesome softwares via Advent Calendar Giveaways.

We have decided to tell about these Advent Calendar Giveaways on Day 1 itself, so that you won’t miss any. So, here is the list :

1. Chip.de AdventsKalendar 2011 :

Chip AdventsKalendar

Giveaways have already started and today’s giveaway is Nik Color Efex Pro.

Link : Chip.de AdventsKalendar 2011

2. PC Welt XMAS Kalendar :

PC Welt XMAS Calendar

PC Welt giveaway has also started and today’s giveaway is Steganos Internet Security.

Link : PC Welt XMAS Kalendar

3. ComputerBild AdventsKalendar 2011 :

ComputerBild AdventsKalendar

This is a bit different than above two and it features giveaways of Notebooks, LCD TVs, PCs etc. and obviously they are not unlimited giveaways.

Link : ComputerBild AdventsKalendar 2011

4. Fontdeck’s AdfontKalendar 2011 :

FontDeck Adfont Calendar

Fontdeck is a professional web font provider. They really have some fabulous web fonts, which can be of great help to webmasters and bloggers. This Christmas season they are going to giveaway free fonts everyday. So, if you are a blogger/webmaster then don’t miss this opportunity.

Link : AdfontKalendar 2011.

5. NuBlue Advent Calendar Giveaway :

NuBlue Advent Calendar Giveaways

Like ComputerBild giveaway, NuBlue Advent Calendar Giveaway is not unlimited one. But, looks like they really have cool softwares to giveaway. Today, they are giving away Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5. Do have them on your checklist.

Link : NuBlue Advent Calendar

6. Paragon Software Christmas Advent Calendar :

Paragon Software Advent CalendarParagon Software is well known for their system utility softwares like Partition Manager, Hard Disk Manager and Backup & Recovery. They are also giving out some awesome discounts this Christmas season. So, checkout their calendar daily, who knows, you may end up grabbing a free license of their very useful software.

Link : Paragon Software Advent Calendar

7. Amazon.com’s 25 days of Free Holiday Music :

Amazon.com Free Holiday MusicAmazon.com is giving away 25 holiday songs for free. From December 1st to 25th, they are giving away 1 holiday song for free each day. So, grab this free music and tune into holiday mood.

Link : 25 days of Free Holiday Music

8. Alfred App Xmas Calendar 2011 :

Alfred App Xmas CalendarFinally, an Advent Calendar for Mac users. Alfred App is a productivity application for Mac, that saves you time while searching your local computer or web. So, if you are Mac user then checkout their Xmas Calendar and grab their powerpack for free.

Link : Alfred App Xmas Xalendar 2011

This Christmas season many people will share their happiness in some or the other way and Advent Calendar Giveaways are one of them. Hope, this list will help you grab some good freebies. By the way, Did I tell you about Tech I Share Christmas Celebrations? It’s just few days away… Watch out!

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