Optimize PC Performance With AppBooster [Plus Giveaway]

When it comes to tweak some windows functions in order to increase its speed by managing RAM and CPU, professionals will be able to do this but a less experienced and novice will prefer to use a third party software that upon installation on the pc will give an easy interface to start this kind of operation. A speedy search over the internet  yield some applications that will guide the user through the setting of a profile to optimize the use of the pc by giving some boosting; This is handy while using power hungry applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Media converting software, Online or desktop games (More FPS). This is done by shutting down some unwanted entries therefore liberating RAM and offering more power to CPU, this will be easier to see while monitoring FPS of games.

Now lets see how AppBooster can serve this purpose. This software is available in a freeware and a shareware version.  On the first run of AppBooster, the wizard will ask to create a new profile, so click the icon of new profile, this will open a new window to carry on the necessary tweaks.

There are 3 categories :

  1. Device Support : Involves the support of mobile device, Scanners and Digital Cameras, Bluetooth, Printer and Tablets.
  2. Windows Features: Disable Multimedia, Setting to full powerprofile, Disable Windows Theming, Disable scheduled tasks, Disable other non necessary windows functions,
  3. Applications:  Close Messenger, Close Browser, Close Office Applications, Close Automatic Updates, Close unneeded Items and Autostart Programs.

Beneath the categories tab there are two further icons, the first one can show which process will be shut down momentary and second is for excluding some process from being terminated. This is aimed for better performance that can be maintained for smooth functioning of any applications during the game mode for instance.

To follow the profile creating wizard its easy and as such opportunity is given to add or exclude process from the termination process. So just follow the routine and give a name for the new profile. There is also an opportunity to simulate the profile (Booster Profiles) execution so that the user can estimate the situation and if its not as expected then the user can go back and tweak the profile. At the end once everything is set on optimum level then the profile should be saved and once activating button is clicked then this profile will be executed. One of the advantage of the pro version is the ability in creating multiple profiles that can be saved and be used in conjunction of the user aim in gaining performance. The deactivating button (after exiting the “Booster Mode”) will work as intended and the user will gain the initial unmodified windows.

The amount of RAM which could be freed by AppBooster depends on how many processes and services are running/installed on your computer and which are not needed. Getting 100 MB more free RAM available on a netbook with 512 MB RAM is more effective than getting 200 MB more free memory on a 8 GB machine.

AppBooster Features :

  1. EditByBSEditor: Quits all unneeded background processes and services making more RAM and CPU power
  2. EditByBSEditor: You decide what functions you don’t need during the Booster Mode is active. Ability to switch between different scenarios.
  3. EditByBSEditor: You decide what functions you don’t need during the Booster Mode is active.  Helpful if are missing in the database.
  4. Booster Modes: According to a database applications that are not neded will be terminated  reinitialized after the Booster Mode has been stopped.
  5. Boost & Reset:  Automatically  restart  previously running applications without reboot.
  6. Booster Shortcuts: Create shortcuts for applications which should be boosted

The pro version supports unlimited profiles, booster shortcuts and allows including own processes into Booster Profiles thus the Pro version will give more power. Appbooster can find its place on laptop thus will help preserving battery life and a cpu boost will be delivered in order to speed up application loading. Optimize the windows shutdown and give the shutdown speed a huge boost. So download the free version from the below link and experience more power.

Download : AppBooster

Giveaway :

Yet another giveaway for TechIShare readers and this time we have 15 AppBooster Pro licenses ready to be given away. So, interested people should

  1. Leave a comment below, regarding why they need this software.
  2. Subscribe to TechIShare RSS Feed. Click here to Subscribe.
  3. Share this post through any social networking site such as Twitter, FaceBook etc [Optional/Not Compulsory]

Winners will be declared on 10th April.

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    25 Responses

    1. Peter says:

      I very need it

    2. norrim says:

      sorry in sending again my comment since I forget to add why I need the software..My reason is I really need the software that will increase the performance of my old computer which is 256ram and pentium 4.. and hope that appbooster will help.. TQ

    3. jack says:

      My laptop is my primary computer, I use many apps on it. i would love to win a license in order to optimize a max my computer.

    4. azziz says:

      Great contest, laptops are great hosts for this kind of applications.

    5. paulcrousel says:

      Many thanks for this giveaway and inded the pro version boosts to add more profiles, thus makes switching to a previous or better conditions faster and easier. Thanks also for the softmaker for providing to us this knowledge.

    6. ha14 says:

      WOW, Good little application to gain some push up while executing power hungry soft and games.

    7. Pratik says:

      Hey TechIShare thank you for giving away AppBooster..I really need this soft because my PC just has 512mb RAM and i want to utilize it to the last potential..

      Thank you and include me in this giveaway

    8. murat says:

      Thanks for a great giveaway

    9. paulinski says:

      My computer is so slow! This software would be fantastic!Please give me a license!

    10. Alex Garcia says:

      Hi there,
      My laptop is around 7 yrs old.Now it’s showing signs of age.I guess this tool would breathe some new life into my lappy, so that I may use it for a year or two more.So definitely count me in for the giveaway…Thks

    11. kilua89 says:

      i would love to win a license in order to optimize a max my computer, for games
      With this software you can complete the process we do not need to free a max of memory .
      and go back if we made an error without rebooting the computer,
      it’s fantastic.

    12. MerleOne says:

      I have a rather old XP Home PC, and I would definitely like to have a license for the pro version, in order to improve it when playing games or using some CPU intensive apps.

    13. Pradeep Pandey says:

      Dear Actually I have problem somtimes in pc after some days it used to do work solwely so if u could provide me this app booster then just do it.

    14. Coast32 says:

      Hello TechIShare,

      I have already subscribed to RSS feeds.I would love to win one license of AppBooster because of its device support that Involves the support of mobile device, scanners and digital cameras, bluetooth, printer and tablets.

      The feature that I like the most are
      1.EditByBSEditor: Quits all unneeded background processes and services making more RAM and CPU power and
      2.Boost & Reset: Automatically restart previously running applications without reboot.

      Thank you so much for this excellent giveaway.


    15. Michael Worley says:

      This software is very good. It would be nice to have AppBooster Pro to have even more features. Count me in.
      Thanks for the Giveaway.

    16. dung says:

      I use AppBooster 14 days evaluation with my 5 year old, 512mb ram laptop. I do that with my games, photoshop, and internet-related processes. I really want the license.

    17. norrim says:

      please sir… give me one please.. have been an avid reader and subcribe to your websites..

    18. springname says:


      I haven’t used this software before but after walking through your article, I believe it is vitally helpful to me who are considered as novice user. I like all the features of this soft and regard this as an opportunity to explore its interesting functions

      Thank you, and please count me in!
      my tweet status: http://twitter.com/springname1985/status/11668216497

    19. DJ says:

      A very nice application.. Count me in 🙂

    20. kelly says:

      My pc is getting sluggish and I want to make it run faster. I hope to win App Booster to optimize the programs and increase system performance. Thanks

    21. vhick says:

      I really need this AppBooster for on demand when you need more RAM and CPU resources. Other might seem this a really useful software especially when playing games. This is really a big help when you need most of the resources you need to run your games, application, etc. Hardware profiles is useful but AppBooster seems more option to your needs.

      Thanks for a great giveaway!

    22. TestGOTD says:

      1. Need AppBooster Plus to boost computer speed during gaming. Like the profile feature
      2. Already subscribed
      3. Will try to post on Twitter

      I am sure, I will be one of the 15 lucky winners. Thanks for the Giveaway

    23. btor says:

      i just want to tell the truth, i have never heard abut of this software and but i am really happy to learn about this software , looks cool and promising , am currently downloading the trial will give it a shot by the mean time i am reakky looking forward to win a license so please count me in it.

      my tweet :http://twitter.com/BN2RL/status/11656039608

      thankyou morfor , you are doing a great job and thankyou sam

    24. Grr says:

      Thanks, I just created my 1st Twitter account for this Giveaway…

      I would be using this application for following things:

      1. Device Support : Involves the support of mobile device, Digital Cameras, Bluetooth, Printer
      2. Windows Features: Disable Multimedia, Setting to full powerprofile, Disable scheduled tasks, Disable other non necessary windows functions,
      3. Applications: Close Messenger, Close Browser, Close Office Applications,Close Autostart Programs.

      The Boosting feature looks promising, as my RAM consumption is always high, until unless I restart; which is a trouble for me…

      Thanks again & hope to win a license.


    25. Friend says:

      1. I am fan of AppBooster and is using free version already. I really free memory for great game experience. It would be nice to have AppBooster Plus to have even more features. Count me in.

      2. Already subscribed to Feeds.

      3. Will soon share this post on Twitter.

      I hope I will be one of those 15 lucky users of AppBooster Plus

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