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Sometimes we say enough to have a windows desktop filled with application icons in such a way that we have to go through all the icons to determine the required soft to launch, also to have a fast access to files, folders, documents, to launch some urls saved as favorites… therefore in order to limit repetitive time consuming action a configurable shortcut launcher is needed that serve the purposes. SideWinder allows to bypass the Windows Start menu, generally congested, to launch applications more quickly. The software comes with several themes such as Heaven, Ice, Lumen, Sapphire, Vineyard, Vista and Windows 7 Aero, or get more Sidewinder official themes.

Sidewinder can be set to start with windows and includes Basic and Advanced versions, to select the mode, right click on the settings button on the side bar and choose. Find the Nip (SideWinder) at the bottom left corner of your screen, just above the Windows Task Bar. Bring the Mouse over the Nip and the SideWinder will expand immediately into a horizontal bar and vertical Side Bar thus offering customizable menu with stylish design. Sidewinder is a very robust application which can handle 15000 launch buttons without affecting the PC performance and any item can be launched by a single click.


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SideWinder is like an intelligent robot that sits quietly inside your pc and helps to Quickly Turn Off  Monitor Screen, Open DOS Command Prompt, Open Physical & Logical Drives, Open Local and Network Folders, View Free Space and other information of available Driver, Open and Execute system applications and commands using the Built-in Run Command Tool with pre-loaded commands.

Sidewinder review

Launch Applications, Access to Social Site and there is a list that offers access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon… Go to download centers, Visit CNN, BBC…. Play music and video, perform a calculation, etc. There is also a Note taking option with Built-in Babylon Dictionary and Translator and more….

Hint : You can use mouse wheel to easily shift between category pages and sub pages.

Sidewinder review

Playing videos can't be much simpler than this!

The semi-transparent, glassy Blue-Sapphire interface offers preset categories (social networks, programs, websites, etc..) and this in order to start filling them with application launching icons.. SideWinder helps to clean the desktop icons. So I started to drag and drop my desktop icons on to Application Slot. After that I didn’t eliminate the desktop icon but I created a folder called ‘Programs’ on my desktop and moved those icons inside the new folder. If the default desktop icons are not very pleasing then right click on the application inside SideWinder and this will popup an editing window that will let to do some modification. Suddenly my desktop was cleaner and younger….. A breeze and cool!

Get benefit from the timer option in SideWinder and automate the launch of an application. To do that move the mouse over the Shutdown button at the Side Bar and you’ll see a combo box named ‘Task’. Click it and select the “Run App..” option and there you can select an application to be launched. All you have to do is to set a time and click the Start button.

Sidewinder review

SideWinder works faster if the Button animation effect is turn off. If you feel that you need more speed with the SideWinder, then un-check this option (In Settings) to turn off the animations. SideWinder gives also the opportunity to share the SideWinder Category files (*.swc) with your family members and colleagues or even prepare your own Category. This opens a new door for collaboration and computer management.

If you have a difficulty in order to work with SideWinder then there is an excellent Help Guide that can be reached with a single click.

Some SideWinder Features:

  • Launch Applications, Games, favorite Websites, Files and Documents
  • Group and arrange your favorite music files according to their Albums, Genre, Author, etc. and play them at your will.
  • View the Tag information of your MP3 and WMA music files while playing them.
  • Put your entire video collection and even links to your favorite videos from sites like YouTube at one location and play them whenever you like.
  • Select and organize your Pictures according to their Albums and keep them neatly in a single Category or multiple Categories and show them to your Friends one by one.
  • Open Folders from your computer or other Network Locations instantly by placing them in SideWinder.
  • Get immediate access to Internal & External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, Camera Folders and other Removable Media whenever they’re available on your PC.
  • Automate windows Shutdown, Restart and other process processes with the built-in Timer.
  • Fill entire Web Forms at once using SideWinder’s Text-Snippet feature.

Sidewinder is highly configurable and increases productivity by saving countless keystrokes. With this solid application launcher at your side, you’ll find easily your way to fast open applications and more. Download SideWinder from the below link.

Download : Sidewinder

Giveaway :

SideWinder’s developers gave us 10 SideWinder’s personal licenses to give to our dear readers. So, here is a chance for you to win a SideWinder personal license, which can be used on one computer.

To enter the giveaway :

  1. Comment below, why you need SideWinder personal license.
  2. Share it with your friends (through social bookmarking/networking) and include that link in your comment.
  3. Subscribe to Tech I Share, so that you won’t miss the next giveaway.

Have I told you that they are lifetime licenses?

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  1. Curt Henning de Thurah says:

    1) Remember that after setup, SideWinder is first asking for another key, to unlock the trial – this is not the license key. You must type your name and email address and click the “activate demo”, and wait for an email with a short special key to unlock the demo. Only then can you register with the long license key.
    2) By mistake, this key you all have received from Samuel, includes A SPACE that should NOT be there. Mine was after digit #30. Copy & paste the long key into a normal text file (without using word wrap), delete the space, and copy & paste this new key into SideWinder. And all should be fine.

  2. Curt Henning de Thurah says:

    Registered and taken into use. Thanks a lot for the free key! 🙂

  3. Murphy says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway . Please count me in .
    1.Sometimes it’s good to have all the time in front of eyes some programs .
    3. Okay .
    Best regards !

  4. Garth says:

    So sorry!

    I put wrong Twitter link. It was supposed to be Please remove my previous comment. BTW, I guess you forgot to mention the closing day for this giveaway?

    • Samuel says:

      There are several reasons for not mentioning the closing date. Instead of checking daily, I suggest you to subscribe to us, so that whenever an update is made, you’ll be notified about it (Example, winners of this giveaway etc)

  5. Bionic says:

    thanks morfor for the extensive review & thanks swj soft for the kind offer,
    i’d like this, i like it tidy & organized so here i am.

    i’m already following on twitter so i’ll share there.

  6. paulcrousel says:

    Great review, will be needing one since i only have a portable launcher, this will for sure clean and bring life to the desktop and also there is a timmer for launching app when its needed so not to forget when smething has to be done at the right moment.

  7. azziz says:

    A good review for a good soft, thanks for the giveaway and will need one to clean and organize my desktop.

  8. kurtumi says:

    Thanks Morfor and Tech I Share for GiveAway, I have a lot of the desktop shortcut I need for them to category,
    God luck to everyone

  9. Joe says:

    Thanks for the giveaway I would like to try sidewinder as it is starts applications fast and saves times Giveaway has been tweeted at and also liked in facebook

  10. ROHIT says:

    Thanks Morfor for conducting the giveaway. Please count me in for the giveaway. I like your review on SideWinder Every Day Launcher Companion. It will help me to lunch more application without much confusion. Beast Regards.

  11. Grr says:

    Hi Morfor/Tech I Share,

    Many thanks for such a useful giveaway opportunity. My quick launch, pin to start menu launches are already full. I have also doubled up the taskbar to make more space for the quick launches.

    SideWinder perfectly fits to my needs and i’m on my way of installing the trial now.

    I’m very delighted by your review as it covers in detail almost every aspect of SideWinder, and the icing on the cake are the screenshots. I appreciate your time and effort on the same.

    I’m already subscribed to ur blog using the same email as in my comment here. Also as I’m on twitter I have tweeted abt this giveaway here:

    I would be very happy if I could win it as I would be using it to it’s fullest. Please count me in for this giveaway.


  12. czar says:

    dear sir
    czar here….. I forget to add my social sharing network!/?ref=home

    is it ok with you

  13. czar says:

    My computer with pentium 4 and ram 512 surely benifit this type of s/ware. Please enter myself as one of your lucky participant. Thanks for giving me a chance.

  14. Curt Henning de Thurah says:

    My version of Vista > Start, is really SLOW, and my desktop includes some 400 icons, so I really think I NEED this impressive launcher, please!
    Look at

  15. GT says:

    Hello Mr Morfor,

    I’m subscribed now.

    I’m using so many application and many time problem in launching it. it is difficult to mange and is confusing to me.

    I liked much your review for SideWinder Every Day Launcher Companion.

    I want to participate, please count me in.

    Mr. G.T.

  16. ha14 says:

    Nice and easy use app launcher. Great Contest

  17. Mike says:

    Please enter my name in this giveaway.

  18. relly says:

    well, as describe, i find it really very interesting and it will really be helpful to me, i hope i win one license, thanks a lot…..

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