Repeat a portion of YouTube Video with Looper [Google Chrome extension]

Looper for YouTubeAs you all know Youtube contains endless videos on all possible topics that are mostly very informative. You just have to type your keyword, the site starts populating hundreds of videos that relate to your topic. Since people from all over the world upload videos on numerous topics, occasionally we might find it difficult to understand the flow of the video at once. In such situations one usually re-play the specific portion of the video again and again, it might be because you couldn’t understand the toughest part of the tutorial or can even be because it is your favorite song played at live music concert.  There do are sites like or that allow it users to loop through the videos; however the only disadvantage in those sites is that you must move away from your YouTube page.  Nevertheless, now we’ll let you know about an extension of Google Chrome, that is well integrated into YouTube website and lets you loop the whole video or a particular portion of the video endlessly without moving out of the YouTube webpage and it’s called as Looper for YouTube.

On installation of Looper extension a new button will be created naming Loop that sits beside the ratings thumbs. This loop button will allow you to replay the video numerous times, in case you want to rerun only a specific portion of the video then you can make use of the slider to set the start time and end time so that only that part of the video will be played continuously. You can even specify how many times you want to repeat the video by specifying the number.

Repeating or Looping YouTube video with Looper extensionApart from this it has some useful features like :

  • Force video to play in user specified quality (e.g. 1080p. 720p etc)
  • Video can be played in different sized players rather than the usual default one.
  • A couple of keyboard shortcuts that help you save time.

This extension may not be helpful to all, but if you find yourself often repeating some parts of YouTube videos, then this extension is made just for you. Click on the link below and install this extension from Chrome Webstore.

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