Google’s Project Loon aims to bring affordable Internet to Everyone

Few hours ago, Google has shared one of its revolutionary ideas they are working on i.e. to bring internet to everyone at a cheaper price. Project Loon sounds marvelous to me, a mind-blowing idea that will for sure fetch appreciation from one and all. When I first read the article about Project Loon I felt it was childish, may be because Google is trying to provide network by using balloons. Yup, you heard it right, balloons but not definitely the ordinary ones that you see around. These balloons that Google is going to use are the balloons which can send and receive data using ultra high technology. There is a lot of science involved in this and is definitely over my mind, so watch the video below to know more about Project Loon.

This is a very ambitious project by an ambitious technology company. Making internet affordable to everyone is a great idea. But, what does it mean to a private company like Google? According to me, this will create more opportunities for Google :

  • Bringing more people to internet, means more audience to serve ads, hence Google can generate income from it. It’s a win-win situation for people and Google, as people will get affordable internet and Google can leverage on it.
  • They can even become a mobile carrier if they succeed in transferring data using balloons.

This my personal opinion and we’d like to hear from you too. So, share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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