Solving Users Bulk Upload Problem in Google Apps

Recently, my brother-in-law is having issues in creating users in Google Apps. Whenever he tries to upload the .CSV file via bulk upload feature in Google Apps, an error message from Google Apps server is being displayed.

Google Apps Server error in Google Chrome

Google Apps Server ErrorThe connection was reset error in Firefox

Connection was reset while loading page error in FirefoxSo, he told me about it and asked me if I can fix it. Now I tried to upload the .CSV file and I received the same error. So, I thought it might be an issue with Google Server. After few days I tried again, to see if Google fixed anything. Still the same error. So, after thinking for a while, I tried a workaround and it worked.

The Problem :

The actual problem is the huge number of users in the .CSV file. My CSV file has more than 2,700 users. By seeing such a huge number, Google Apps Server is sending me an error instead of processing that CSV file.

The Solution :

After seeing repeated error messages from Google Apps Server, I decided to divide that huge single list into 3 small lists, with maximum number of 1000 users per CSV file. So, I divided that 2700 users as 1000, 1000, 700 and saved them in 3 different .CSV files. Now I uploaded those 3 CSV files individually. All the 3 files are now successfully uploaded to Google Apps Server.

Google Apps Bulk Upload error fixed, solvedSo, if you are facing the same error then try to divide your big user list into smaller ones, upto 1000 users per list and then upload them.

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