Want to use Gmail offline? No!!

Google has recently released Gmail offline version. As usual I tried it because I love whatever Google does. There is some point of creativity in the ideas of Google. They do release some excellent products and most of them are free. That’s why I like Google. Coming to the point, Gmail offline also comes with some useful features like :

Choose which messages to get downloaded : All the offline email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird can be used to view Gmail. But the disadvantage is that they download all the emails from our inbox. Myself won’t even look at emails older than 3 months, so I don’t want to download emails older than 3 months and Gmail offline implements it fantastically. You choose the emails to download to work offline. This is one important feature to lookout.

This is on one side of the coin. On the other side Gmail offline has some bugs. I have more than 1 gmail account. When I type gmail.com in my browser it loads the offline version by default, there is no way to change it. When I enter the offline-deactivated account, it shows me this error even though I am connected to internet.

Gmail offline error. No offline data found for this user.

Gmail offline error. No offline data found for this user.

Obviously the error is reasonable. But there is no way to go to online gmail with Google gears (offline Gmail) installed. The solution to this is either going to gmail online (which is not possible when you install Gmail offline) after several attempts. Or else open other Google products like orkut and login from there and then go to gmail. The other solution will be changing the other email to offline. But Google promises to improve the Gmail offline in 2010. So guys, to don’t be in a hurry to use Gmail offline. It has some bugs for now. Wait for a month or two till all the major bugs are fixed. As for now, Gmail online is way better than Gmail offline.

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