Linux Mint and gOS – Ubuntu+

Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux Operating system. There are many reasons for Ubuntu’s success. Some of its features are discussed below :

  • It’s easy to use. Many basic functions can be done very easily such as playing media, networking, office work and many basic needs are met.
  • It is stable and more secure.
  • Thanks to multi-millionaire owner of Ubuntu who made Ubuntu reach every corner of this world through their free shipping.

Ubuntu is great! but not ultimate. This led to the birth of few more operating systems based on Ubuntu and optimizing it in their own style. Some features that are absent in Ubuntu are :

  • Unable to play most widely used mp3, dvd etc formats, saying that they are propreitary formats and they don’t agree with rules of Free software foundation.
  • The look and feel of Ubuntu is not the best.

I think these two points laid the birth of two operating systems named Linux Mint and gOS.

Linux Mint :

Linux Mint is the best O.S. for home users. Some well known features of Linux Mint are :

  • It is able to play any media file instantly after you complete installation. Linux Mint comes with mplayer which plays mp3, dvd, aac, mp4 and many more.

Apart from this, most of the features of Linux Mint are same as Ubuntu. Also the look of Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu.

gOS :

gOS is Mac like Ubuntu. It comes with a lot of widgets from Google and graphics in gOS is far more better than Ubuntu. Some features of gOS are as follows :

  • It brings online applications to your desktop using Mozilla Prism.
  • The GUI of gOS is simply superb.

gOS is full of colorful graphics and surely you like it when you use it. By default it don’t come with codecs installed. You have to install it by own. This is the only drawback in gOS.

Download : LinuxMintgOS.

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