Launch Applications With MouseExtender

MouseExtender is a program launcher for windows that has a sleek design which lets to launch programs with one click of the mouse. It is fully customizable program that provides a way to increase...


Winners of Tidysongs

Here are the winners of our Tidysongs competition. Actually the declaration of winners had to be done yesterday only, but due to some technical problems the announcement was postponed to today. Sorry for the...

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Revised 0

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Revised

When it comes to windows shortcuts we are pleased to have many of it and sometimes they are hard to find out and to memorize them. Those shortcuts are aimed to access some vital...

Fix Windows 7 problems with 7 Quick Fix 3

Fix Windows 7 problems with 7 Quick Fix

When it comes to repairing windows then some freewares and sharewares are available to do that and freeware 7 Quick Fix propose some fixing facilities such as Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options etc.... © 2005