BitDefender 2013 Products are out [Offline Installer Links Included]

BitDefender is a popular name in the security industry and today they’ve released their next generation product lineup, BitDefender 2013.

Interface of BitDefender Total Security 2013

Interface of BitDefender Total Security 2013

BitDefender 2013 products carry the same UI of 2012 version with minor tweaks. In fact, core features like antivirus protection module and firewall were just carried on to the new version without any major changes. Where as the area where much changes were made is privacy. BitDefender introduced a new module called Safepay, which is a virtualized browser to make purchases safe. Safepay is not an entirely new concept, as Avast and Panda have already been using this virtualized browser concept since sometime ago.

BitDefender Safepay browser

BitDefender Safepay browser

Other than this there are no major changes, except that another free product (USB Immunizer) was integrated into 2013 products. Also, BitDefender 2013 products are compatible with Windows 8. I’m yet to try 2013 products, if you are interested you can download 30-day trial versions using the links below. A separate download manager will then download around 250 MB and installs the product.

Download :

Online Installers : BitDefender Total Security || Internet Security || Antivirus Plus

Offline Installers : BitDefender Total Security (32-bit | 64-bit) || Internet Security (32-bit | 64-bit) || Antivirus Plus (32-bit | 64-bit)

Alternatively, you can get BitDefender Total Security 2013 free for 90 days, by becoming their facebook fan.

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