Comodo Verification Engine for safe online shopping

Do you shop online? Then make sure that you shop safe by installing Comodo Verification Engine. Comodo Verification Engine is a browser add-on which works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape browsers only.

How it works ?

Every one knows how dangerous it is to shop online without taking enough security measures. There are ¬†some phony websites, which are clone of some popular shopping sites. For example, if you want to buy something on Ebay and you don’t know the address of Ebay. You search for Ebay on google and go to that website and shop. If you are not alert, then there are chances for you to go to a scam site other than Ebay site. This scam site is exactly the same as Ebay and it’s hard to distinguish the original Ebay from this scam site (cloned Ebay). If you shop on that cloned ebay site, I assure you that you fell prey to those notorious white-collar criminals.

Comodo verification engine protects you from such phony websites. Comodo verification engine scans the SSL certificate of that website and makes sure that website is the original one (not phony or scam). Comodo Verification Engine is not similar to those as Mcafee siteadvisor, mywot, safeweb etc. Comodo Verification engine don’t check each and every website if it is malicious or not. It only checks those sites which has something like https. Normally shopping sites, mail services etc have this https. It makes sure that you won’t fall prey to such scams.

Download Comodo verification engine for free from here.

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