Fix/Bypass Trend Micro “Incompatible Software Found” Error

Recently, I tried to install Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012. But, the installation stopped from proceeding and gave the following error :

Incompatible Software Found

Many of you may already know that Super AntiSpyware (SAS) free version does not have real-time protection. So, SAS won’t interrupt Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 in anyway. But still, Trend Micro IS wants SAS to be uninstalled, if not, installation won’t be continued. So, Trend Micro installer has forced me to remove SAS. But, that error is still there even after uninstalling SAS. I cleaned registry, removed folders of SAS from Program Files but still Trend Micro installer gives me the same error and I was unable to continue the installation.

I checked Trend Micro’s website if there is anyway to skip this compatibility check (like Kaspersky). But, I didn’t find any help and at last I decided to dig its installation folder to rectify this error myself. After sometime, I have successfully skipped this compatibility check. So, this is what I did in order to skip the compatibility check of Trend Micro.

  1. Run Trend Micro installer and let it extract the installation content.
  2. Now go to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Trend_Micro\ (This is where the installation content resides) and locate setup.ini file. Open it with Notepad, but make sure you are running Notepad as administrator. If not, you’ll get Access Denied error.
  3. Now, search for the following string in setup.ini


    Then change the value to 0 (zero) i.e. make CheckCompetitor=0. That’s it. Hit Ctrl+S to save the changes to setup.ini.

  4. Now, go to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Trend_Micro\ and run setup.exe to start installation again.

Now, Trend Micro installer will skip the compatibility check and the installation will finish successfully.

PS : Disable compatibility check after making sure that you don’t have any incompatible software. If you already have an Antivirus/Internet Security, then remove it and install Trend Micro.

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3 Responses

  1. Buntydee says:

    F Secure f-ed up my happiness 2 months ago in a similar situation. I wish I could have tried this then. too late now, but I`ve saved this post for the future.

  2. Sujay says:

    Good one Sam…:) It lists MBAM as incompatible. So I had to uninstall it and again install it after Trend micro. Good to know this trick as I am thinking of going back to Trend Micro very soon.

    • Samuel says:

      It’d be good if Trend Micro does something like what Kaspersky do, to skip compatibility check. Anyway, we now know how to skip compatibility check in Trend Micro 🙂

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