Get Prevx SafeOnline for Free

What is Prevx Safeonline?

Prevx Safeonline is a software which helps you to enter your personal details like passwords and credit card info into websites without compromising your security even if active threats reside on your pc.

It does this so by isolating your browser window, from rest of your pc so that the information is securely transmitted. You can add websites to the protection lists to get them protected with Prevx. Prevx also has anti phishing to identify phishing and scam sites.

The biggest advantage offered by prevx is that it is completely compatible with your existing AV and also works with all major browsers. Prevx is developed by Webroot Inc which is a leading security software vendor. Prevx can also detect viruses on your PC but does not remove them.

How to obtain Prevx SafeOnline(SOL) for free?

Prevx SOL costs 14.95 USD for a 1 year subscription but you can get this for free using any of the following two methods.

Method 1:-

This edition of Prevx is offered free exclusively for Bangkok bank customers.

Use this link

And click download now and install it as it requires no license key.

Method 2:-

You can also get prevx SOL as part of a facebook promotion.

Go to this URL and click download Safe Online button.

Note:- The edition from Method 2 has a limitation as seen in the screenshot taken from Prevx’s site.

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