Is India The Best Place To Find Cheap Antivirus? May be

India, the second most populated country in the world is very much behind the small island nation Japan in terms of number of users who use internet. Only 51 million people use internet in India compared to Japan’s 95 million (source). Compared to 1.2 billion (Apprx. population of India) 51 million is very less. That means less than 5% of Indians use Internet. And that means still 95% are yet to use internet. OK, let us be realistic here. At least, 50% will use internet in coming future. So, there is a huge scope for security companies to expand their business here in India.

Symantec, Mcafee are veterans in Indian Market. They hold major share here. This is bad news for other companies. So, others want to make sure that they’ll hold considerable market share before this Indian internet bubble explodes. Hence, these companies are trying to attract Indian customers by selling their products at low prices. The following table depicts this scenario :

Product U.S. Price Indian Price
Kaspersky IS $79.95 (1-3 PC) 890 INR = $19.7 1790 INR = $39.6
AVG IS $54.99 $68.99 1299 INR = $28.8 1599 INR = $35.4
Eset Smart Security $59.99 $89.99 1199 INR = $26.6 2155 INR = $47.8

The products sold in India and US are same (English Version). And the good news is that these Indian stores are open to everyone. Anyone can buy from India and if I am a resident of U.S. then I would definitely buy Kaspersky from India happily, because Kaspersky-like protection for just $19.7 is simply awesome and no one should miss it.

Symantec and Mcafee also price their products on the same lines as above, as they don’t want to lose existing customers in India. Avira, Avast and BitDefender are the only ones I noticed, whose price remained same all over the world. So, if you are thinking of buying an antivirus, then consider these official Indian stores where you can buy products damn cheap.

References :

I collected above information from these sites :

My only wish is to see you saving few bucks. If you have a better list of sites than mine then please let us know about them by commenting below.

Update :

Thanks to Murugesan for giving us this valuable info. Now I need to rethink about arranging giveaways by buying these boxed items… 😀 I Really appreciate it Murugesan. Thumbs up!

Good share Samuel. Retail boxes purchased offline are still cheaper in India.

KIS 3 user — INR 750 1 user — INR 450
Bitdefender Internet Security 3 user — INR 450
Eset Smart Security 1 User — INR 700
Trustport Total Protection 1 user — INR 350

But those who live outside India will find your post very useful.

Best Regards.

That means,
KIS 3 user — $16.6 1 user — $9.9
Bitdefender Internet Security 3 user — $9.9
Eset Smart Security 1 User — $15.5
Trustport Total Protection 1 user — $7.7

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