Secure your browsing with Trend Micro WebProtection

Internet has become an essential part of humans of this age. As the use of internet has grown, the number of people misusing the internet has also grown. The idea of get-rich-quick has made people to hack bank accounts by installing trojans and some spyware. Many people use malicious sites to install hijacking programs on the victims computer and steal information from them. So, the cyber attacks generally starts from a malicious website. If anyone visits that malicious websites then their computer will be infected with virus and gives chance for the hacker to steal information. I found that many popular and renowned antivirus products don’t prevent virus or spyware being installed on our computer when we visit a malicious website. Because they aren’t much aggressive when it comes to web protection.To prevent these attacks at the root level one has to strongly secure their browsing. Trend Micro Web Protection addon will do it for you and makes sure that you are secure while browsing.

Trend Micro Web Protection prevents web threats and online bots and keeps you safe. Trend Micro Web Protection add-on is not a site-rating software like Mcafee siteadvisor etc. Trend Micro is a bit more aggressive than these site-rating softwares. It blocks all those malicious sites without asking your permission or leaving the decision to you. This Web Protection addon can be used along with your Antivirus or Internet Security software without any problem. It is compatible with many browsers. Don’t go online without this Web Protection Addon. Download it today!

Download : Trend Micro Web Protection add-on.

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