Webmasters, Get Notified About Malware or Hacking Attack Before Google Flags Your Website

Malware attack is one of the worst nightmares a webmaster or a blogger will ever have. Malware on our normal PC will affect an individual, but malware on a website will affect hundreds and thousands of visitors who visit that website. So, security for websites is a serious issue and search engines like Google are very serious in this matter. If a website is flagged as malicious by Google, then the blogger will be losing major portion of traffic, all the hard work he did till then will become waste. But, still there is a way out even if a site has been hacked. Google and other search engines are kind enough to restore the website, once they are sure that all the malicious content has been removed from website.

Restoring an attacked website is complicated and it takes time. But, if we can detect the attack and remove that malicious content before Google flags our site then we can avoid all these complications. So, how can we detect an attack so soon? Well, this is where online security services like HackAlert come into play. I recently came across HackAlert when it was introduced by my webhost.


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HackAlert is a cloud based security service that identifies zero-day malware, drive-by downloads and other malicious content in real-time. It is much similar to our desktop on-demand scanners.

Features of HackAlert :

  • Protects clients and customers from malware injected websites, drive by downloads and malicious advertising (malvertising)
  • Identifies malware before the website is flagged as malicious
  • Displays injected code snippets to facilitate remediation
  • Deploys as cloud-based SaaS or as a flexible API for enterprise integration
  • Integrates with WAF or Web server modules for instant mitigation

HackAlert Scan options of scheduler

Using HackAlert is very simple. Just add your website to HackAlert website monitor, choose the scan interval i.e. whether to scan website every few hours or daily or weekly, depending on your convenience. Then enable email notifications, so that you can view every scan result right inside your email. Everything is automatic. Just set HackAlert and forget about it. It not only scan for threats, but it’ll also alert you when your website is down.

HackAlert has free-trial and paid plans. Right now I am using the free-trial plan and I am very much satisfied with it. There are certain limitations with this free-trial plan, like :

  • You can monitor up to 1 Site
  • Perform 5 On-Demand Scans per day. (This is separate from the usual scheduler scan)
  • Maximum number of URL’s scanned will be limited to 50 in free trial. That means, even if your site has more than 50 links, HackAlert will scan only the first 50 links which it encounters while scanning.

Good thing about the free-trial plan is that there is no time limit. If you have 1 site and want to scan your site, then you can use this free-trial plan forever. If at all you want to scan multiple websites with number of links more than 50 then you can upgrade to the paid plan.

HackAlert works with every website irrespective of the platform you used to create the website like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, HTML etc. It works with everything and it’s simple to use. If you are a blogger or webmaster, then I recommend you to use HackAlert.

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