Access Windows Functions Quickly with Rizone’s Power Tools

Rizone’s Power Tools  can be regarded as a tool to access windows functions easily with a simple mouse click.  Also can help maintaining the good way of the system operation, it’s a portable tool to carry on a usb key for daily optimization and diagnostic purposes. The main screen displays the present system status-memory, disk spaces, easy access to online malware scanners and a bunch of icons to direct access windows functions such as Command Prompt, Task Manager, Calculator, Run, Control Panel, Admin tools and Registry Editor. Also included are third party applications for hard drive and registry defragmentation (JKdefrag, QuicksysRegDefrag) , Clamwin antivirus,  Rizone dead pixel repairing tool for LCD monitors, Rizone’s Run, Mozbackup, Dscaler 5 Mpeg Decodec and PngOptimizer. The memory and storage drives can be optimized with a single-click and also gives the opportunity to switch to other connected drives.

Additional options are available in the top menu. These are divided into  Accessories, Administration,  Maintenance,  Optimize, Repair, Security, Utilities, Ssytem.  Power Tools can be used to Optimize Memory, Optimize Registry, Defrag Computer, Disk Cleanup, Flush File Buffers, Scan for Viruses using Clamwin or other scanners, access administrative tools and much more. The portable program uses a clean and very responsive interface. As you scroll through the menus you will discover more utilities under its hood. The Repair tab offers some interesting easy way access to registry defrag (QuickysRegDefrag and NTREGOPT), Networking (Reset TCP/IP, Reset Winsock…), Re-enable Task Manager, Reinstal Windows Firewall. This is handy in case a malware attack that damaged those vital processes. Creating a system restore point and opening the restore point is also available from the maintenance tab, so one can clearly see if a restore point has been created. Force shutdown and force reboot is also provided from the system icon tab.

Some of Rizone’s Power Tools  features:

  • Optimize the primary and secondary memory (RAM and HDD)
  • Defragment and optimize your hard disk
  • Create a restore point, which helps you to form the back-up of your computer
  • Enables and Disables all the Windows Components
  • Repairs the dead pixels of your computer screen
  • Reconstructs Windows Icons
  • Manages Recycle Bin
  • Works with Win XP, Win 2003, Win Vista, Win 2008, Win 7

Rizone Power Tools

Some tools offered by Rizone Power Tools

Rizone’s Power Tools offers an impressive list of features considering that it is an early prototype build. The developer promises to include additional features in upcoming releases.  Definitely this software has its place in our arsenal for maintaining windows and this is true to those who are not really expert in finding the right commands to open all those features that are shipped with windows. So go ahead and download the free version from the below link.

Download : Rizone Power Tools

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