5 Best Freewares to Capture Screen Without Windows Aero Effects

Taking good screenshots now-a-days need some skill. With advent of Aero and its transparency many screenshots started to look ugly. Due to aero transparency, the background items are clearly visible through windows and they give an unprofessional look to screenshots. But, on the other side of the coin, with aero, screenshots can look professional. Thanks to the following freewares, that help us take beautiful screenshots. They are all good and are listed just randomly one-by-one. But, various other features differ from one to another, so choose the desired one according to your requirements and limitations.

Screenshots taken normally show background items

Screenshots taken normally show background items clearly

1. Aeroshot :


Aeroshot captured by Aeroshot

  • It can capture individual windows only but not full desktop screen.
  • You can choose your own background window color or just capture transparent windows without any background items being visible.
  • Can only save to PNG format (to support transparency) and no built-in photo editor is included.

Download : Aeroshot (Just 257 KB & Portable)

2. 7capture :

7 capture

Screenshot captured with 7 capture

  • It can capture full screen or individual windows.
  • Supports transparency with no option to choose background color.
  • It can save screenshots to PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PDF and with no built-in editor.

Download : 7capture

3. Shotty :

Screenshot taken with shotty

Shotty capturing Screenshot editor – editing another screenshot

  • Can capture full screen, windows or even a specific region.
  • Provides 1-click upload to image hosting sites like, imgur, imageshack etc…
  • A basic image editor is included, that lets you add text, crop, resize, blur etc…
  • It can also add watermark automatically to every screenshot you take.
  • Offers loads of options to choose a custom background color for screenshots, auto-save screenshots, enable transparency etc…

Download : Shotty

4. Snapcrab :


Screenshot taken with Snapcrab

  • Auto save captures to desktop or user defined folder. You defined keyboard shortcuts for several tasks.
  • Can directly upload to Facebook, Twitter and Evernote.
  • Can capture full desktop, individual windows and specific region.
  • Lets you take screenshots with background transparency or even with a background color of your choice.

Download : Snapcrab

5. Now coming to the 5th one, it’s not actually a software but just a tip. In order to take screenshots without aero, but to have transparency and shadow effect, just open a blank notepad file and put it behind the window which you want to capture.

Screenshots do play an important role not limited to our computing lives. They add a lot of meaning to what we say and help us get things done quickly, i.e. to impress clients, to get answers quickly from support personnel or even to show off your stylish desktop to impress your buddies. So, use anyone of the above screen capturing softwares. All of them are very tiny in size and some of them have portable versions too. So, use them and take screenshots just the right way.

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