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When we go through the net we find ourselves in need not to just save URLs as favorites or copy past contents to clipboard, then for further investigation we certainly seek a practical software that can contain our findings easily and serve as an organizer to not lose what we find important. Here is where CaptureSaver comes in. This shareware is quite powerful, efficient web knowledge managment tool and contains the key functions of the CaptureSaver concept. With CaptureSaver you can permanently save the chosen text, images, and complete Web pages, then edit, mark, organize and find information in your personal and portable knowledge database. CaptureSaver lets you also save content from other applications such as MS Word and pdf files. This software helps you to administer the contents of a project more efficiently. It also supports you in structuring and organizing your knowledge in an easy way during your daily work. You will save a lot of time. CaptureSaver files can be packaged into a deliverable CHM, HTML, MHT and TXT file, it is useful when you want to share your collection with colleagues and over the net in a standardized way.

Capture Saver

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CaptureSaver offers you powerful right-click-to-import funtionality to capture article from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox users need to install the CaptureSaver Firefox Integration Extension (accessed from the Help Option) and then restart Firefox. CaptureSaver filter potential dangerous scripts, tags and attributes in the article before saving it in the local hard disk.

CaptureSaver is an easy to use tool with a simple appearance and impression that might make it at first glance misleading, but behind CaptureSaver is a very strong, practically proven and powerful concept. When you start CaptureSaver, the first screen will let to open a recent file or to build a new knowledge database, but for a practical reason there is an example of a database that can be opened and already contains data, this to make easier on how to use this soft. You can see which database is currently loaded in the left corner below the main menu. All window heights and widths as well as the column width within the windows of the whole screen can be adjusted by the user.

It is important to note that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd window belong together. They are a record and build a content unity consisting of a topic, a description of the topic and related detailed information. You can easily identify the basic window, the category tree, structures the content records into a logical hierarchy so that content can be subsequently easily accessed.

Create as many folders as you need Organizing item collected with tree structure. Rearrange item collected by using a drag-and-drop operation to organize your item collected in a way that makes sense to you. Add your personal comments and specify keywords for every item collected Folder. Even lock and protect the database with a password.

Take screenshots of webpages using CaptureSaver

On the Internet CaptureSaver lets you capture rich HTML text and images from web pages and save web pages in their entirety. It automatically captures the web page address (URL), the page Title, a thumbnail image of Web page and Meta information.

Capture the current link on which you right clicked and save the webpage corresponding to the link, simply select Add to CaptureSaver from the popup menu. The next window that will open will give more choices such as click “Click for more” button and select “All Links” while the “Save current entire page” dialog appears.

CaptureSaver in action

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CaptureSaver Features :

  1. Capturing complete Web pages or selected content from a web page
  2. Capturing text from window and screenshots
  3. Acquisition of text and images
  4. Organizing, Browsing and editing articles
  5. Searching for content, reuse and Share Information Easily
  6. Comprehensive research and reference library, which can be used both online and offline.

What happened to the web page saved as favorite? well in this case ask CaptureSaver and will reload the web page content that do not exist no more.  Download the free trial and see that will serve the purpose.

Download : CaptureSaver

Giveaway of CaptureSaver :

Developers of CaptureSaver has given us 5 licenses to give them to Tech I Share readers. Thank you CaptureSaver. To Enter the giveaway follow the steps below :

  1. Comment below regarding how CaptureSaver can help you.
  2. Try to share it with your friends & colleagues (through social bookmarking/networking) and include that link in your comment.
  3. Subscribe to Tech I Share.
Apart from above free licenses, CaptureSaver has also given a 40% discount coupon code, CAPT-E9CS. This coupon code will be valid upto 31st August. Winners will be announced in a week. By the way, SideWinder and Tech I Share is launching a joint promotional campaign tomorrow. 25 participants will be given Sidewinder Personal licenses. Stay tuned for more information!

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