Catalog Your Softwares With SOFTCAT

Shareware softwares are more sensitive than freewares because of the registration issues, it is logical to start making a database before losing the valuable information (license keys). SoftCAT is available in free and commercial versions which meets the requirements for building a catalog. This product is not just an inventory but will also let the user to know what was tried in the past or was deleted from the hard drive. It is also handy in order to share the database with others helping them to decide on some software to build their own pc.

Softcat User Interface

Installation of SoftCAT is easy and for initial guidance, there is a sample database that is opened automatically but a user should start building their own database. A new database can be created from the File menu, this has to be named and can be protected with a password if needed. Unfortunately Auto-Catalog feature found in the tools option (plus version) is not included in the free version and the user has to start filling the database with his own skills. To start click on the green (plus) icon or go to program and choose add, better use the hotkey Ctrl+N and this will open a new window to start filling with info regarding a particular software. As you can see this window has a tabbed interface and organized in way to include most important information such as General info, Adding Icon, Notes, Screenshots (BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG, or external link), Registration (Serial can entered manually or a txt file can be imported), Attachment… Before saving go to the program option and click on Explore and a new window will be opened that gives a classified view which can be printed, encoded or saved as HTML. Once all details are entered click on OK and the first entrance is created on the database. Follow the same steps to all software.

Note that the main interface page is divided into 3 windows. The menu/toolbar is equipped with most functions important to build and to treat the database. The left bar (Standard Views) is dedicated to the view option containing Explorer View, Program View and Lookup View. The active window is where the database is shown consisting of the software list and some basic info. The category tree, structures the content records into a logical hierarchy (Publisher, Type, Folder Location…) so that content can be subsequently easily accessed.

In fact, the developers seem to openly encourage any kind of tinkering, from changing basic configuration settings, to creating custom layouts (XSL templates), to editing the script itself. Should you have slightly more obscure collecting interests, SoftCAT allows you to make a custom collection type (Read More In Help Contents). It’s not as automated as feature full as the premade collection types, Choosing your favorite then becomes an almost arbitrary matter, usually yielding to personal taste and comparisons of their minute differences. SoftCAT will remember the view mode and will load the database in this way.

For Instance copy the new files modified to the \Explorer Templates folder in the data folder (choose Tools=>Goto Data Folder to locate this folder). On Win7/Vista the default data folder location is C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SoftCAT\Explorer Templates.

SoftCAT support the advanced search and replace feature. Different type of reports can be created and printed, to do this go ahead to the Report option in the Menu/Toolbar. To print the current layout then choose print from the file menu, the active sort and filter is automatically included. SoftCAT also supports the creation and management of unlimited database, furthermore those database can be merged to each other with filtering options. Compression and repair are also included. FNProg2PDA allows to transfer information from SoftCAT to your PDA Database or to  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The Plus version has more features such as:

  • Auto catalog: Will search your computer for installed programs and automatically add the programs to the database.
  • Form and Report Designer:
  • Export: Export to Text File, Export to XML and Export to HTML. To export to iPod Notes

Overall, SoftCAT can be the right choice for computer users who just wants a way to organize their personal software libraries. This is really useful for everyday freebie grabbers to keep a record of licenses they grab.

Download : SoftCAT free

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