Click2Music : Lets You Convert Music Files From Right Click Context Menu

Till now we have seen many music converters, but only few converters are really easy-to-use. Click2Music is one such easy-to-use and a real handy music converter that can convert your music files from one format to another and also has the ability to extract sound files from video files too.

Click2Music, The right click music converter

Click2Music, Easy-to-use music converter

What is so interesting about Click2Music is, its seamless integration with Right Click context menu. During installation you can select your desired components and if you do not need all output format entries on the right click context menu, then uncheck undesired format checkbox.

While installation it will download click2music bundle

Select desired options which will be displayed in context menu

With Click2Music you convert all music and video files into the following formats only :


Single file and batch file conversions are supported. Prior to starting a batch conversion, set up the output folder first, otherwise, multiple pop up windows will ask you to set destination of each file. So, first goto Windows start menu, run Click2Music and choose the destination folder. This small window will also offer tweaking bitrate from 32kbps up to 320kbps.

Choose destination folder for converted music

Choose destination folder for converted music

After installation, you will notice that the right click context menu of a media file will list all output file format options, plus, another handy feature called Advanced Conversion Options. Clicking on it will then pop-up a small window, offering volume tweak to increase up to 400%. Also, there is a tagging option.

Convert your music files from right click context menu

Convert your music files from right click context menu

Advanced Conversion Options

Advanced Conversion Options

On many occasions we need to quickly convert or extract songs from videos. In such cases, Click2Music can be very handy. Just Right-Click and Convert!

Download : Click2Music

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