Get Mouse Controls On Keyboard Using Arrow Mouse

Mouse is very essential component of computers as it facilitates to move cursor on the desktop with ease. But, what if the mouse suddenly does not work? Obvious we need to replace it, but you’ve got some very important email to check. One solution is to use command prompt, but none of us are so proficient using command prompt that’s where softwares like Arrow Mouse comes into play.

Daft Logic’s Arrow Mouse is a small software that replaces the connected mouse in some measure. A simple CTRL+Cursor Key (also called as Arrow keys – the up,down,left right keys) allow the control to move on all directions. CTRL+Space acts like left mouse button click and CTRL+Enter opens Files/Folders.

Arrow Mouse Settings

Arrow Mouse Settings

If your touchpad became unusable then perhaps Arrow Mouse can help you until repair. Download Daft Logic Arrow Mouse (needs .Net Framework 3.5) from the link below :

Download : Arrow Mouse

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