Create Your Own Windows Customization Pack With Skin Pack Installer System

Windows OS is flexible in regards to customization and Windows 7 has learned to deal with new customizations, especially with themes. Skins are an easy and flexible way to change the appearance of Windows 7 user interface. Every logged in user can have their own themes. With new skins, you can change the colors of the interface areas, use different images for icons in the interface, set new fonts properties and so on, so as to match it with your personality and to make a great desktop.

For beginners, replacing skins and themes is not easy. But with Skin Pack Installer System, even novices can style like pros. Skin Pack Installer System will show the user which files has to be modified in order to apply a theme. This freeware will also allow you to create your own Windows Transformation Pack and will assist you so that you will be able to customize your Windows styles including, wallpaper, sound scheme, icon pack etc.

Skin Pack Installer System comes with a toolbar, which can be avoided while installation.  A reboot is necessary to complete the installation. The user interface is logically split into four parts : top area for title and main area for functions and navigations.

  • Top area contains section title : DLL Files, Exe Files, Theme & Installer, Tools & Help.
  • Main area contains the group of available operations (based on current context).
  • Each area contains navigation to items and other similar interface elements.
  • Each area allows for individual customization of the appearance within a skin.
  • Tools and context Help area.
  • Tools like Resource Hacker, Resource Extractor, Renamer, Convert PNG to BMP are within the Skin Pack Installer System.

If you are replacing or changing system files like imageres.dll in Windows 7 then you have to take ownership of the file first and then grant your username full control of the file. You can open imageres.dll in Resource Hacker and change the default folder. Type the filename “imageres.dll” in Resource Hacker, change the icons and save it on your desktop as imageres.dll.  After taking ownership of the real imageres.dll then drag and drop your designed imageres.dll and choose replace, now your icons are set.  Rebuild the icon cache to take effect if necessary. All these files should be placed in corresponding sub-directories and then compose the structure of the skin directory.

Click on the image to zoom

With this tool it is easier make your project, then open the destination and replace the resources with the desired one after that click on Create Setup located under Theme & Installer. Click on Help under Tools & Help and you will find some guidance like the below picture.

As always before installing a new theme create a system restore point in advance. Download tour free copy from this link.

Download : Skin Pack Installer System

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