Download Zemana Antilogger for free

Zemana Antilogger free license keyZemana Antilogger can be a great security addition to your arsenal. It adds multiple protection layers to your current traditional security like Internet Security or Antivirus. Some important features of Zemana Antilogger are :

  • SSL Logger protection – Protects you from latest threats while you bank.
  • Webcam logger protection – Protects your webcam from being hijacked by others
  • Comes with in-built defense system which secures most critical parts of your computer
  • Comes with Screen logger protection, Clipboard logger protection and many new innovative security

Zemana Antilogger is being given away for free to everyone by Softpedia – A major download portal for Windows, Mac and Linux. Actually it costs you around $40, but you can get it for free by downloading it from below.

Download : Zemana Antilogger [Direct link to installer] | Promotion page

P.S : Zemana Antilogger is not an antivirus. It adds one more layer of protection to your current security level. Use Zemana alongside with a traditional Antivirus or Internet Security.

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