Fcorp Tweakers – A Free Portable Software to Tweak Windows Settings

There are many tweaking softwares for Windows. What makes them interesting is the customization, maintenance or optimization, features which they offer. Not only that these tweaking softwares also helps us to re-enable what was cut by malware intrusion. Fcorp Tweakers is one such software. It offers lots of customizations and tweaks, to enable or disable or change many settings in Windows. It is a portable application and has a clean, easy to understand interface.

This portable program is quite small (less than 400 KB), just double click on the file and it is on. This small application gives you access to system settings, some of which are hidden, and others that are just hard to find. The major benefit in using this type of tweaking application is the ease with which you can make changes to your system, without manually editing the Registry or the drudgery of having to go through menu after menu. But, in order to prevent possible problems and disasters caused by those tweaks, be sure to have a current system restore point active, so that we can be on safe side even in tough times.

The tweaks are grouped into 3 categories (tabs) in the application interface and it follows check boxes layout, so it should be easy to follow – even for novice users. On each tab, different types of tweaks available. Also, in each tab there is Save Changes button. You can save changes on every tab or else, you customize the tweaks on all tabs first and then hit 1-Click Tweak. This will apply all those tweaks on 3 different tabs at a time.

Fcorps Tweakers let user to tweak the following features :

  • Taskbar and Start Menu
  • Desktop
  • Display Properties
  • Program Time Out
  • Security Center
  • Speed Up My Windows
  • And More:

With Fcorps Tweaker you will be able to :

  • Change Start Menu
  • Add/Remove  Items to Start Menu
  • Enable/Disable Lock Taskbar
  • Enable/Disable Windows & Buttons
  • Enable/Disable Desktop
  • Restart Explorer and Restart Computer
  • Show/Hide My Computer, My Documents, Internet Explorer…
  • Associate .Exe File
  • Clear Page File on Shutdown
  • Enable/Disable Windows Hotkeys
  • Enable/Disable Task Manager, File Options, CD-Rom Autorun….
  • Unload DLL from Memory when needed
  • Show/Hide all Hidden Files & System Files
  • Boot Optimize Function
  • Alt+Tab Window Number of Row and Column
  • Logon Type: Classic Mode or Welcome Screen
  • Open 16-bit Apps in Separate Memory Space
  • Disable NTFS Last Access Time Stamp (speed pp viewing folder in NTFS)
  • And More

In order to implement modifications user needs to restart either Windows or Explorer, depending on settings. And this is just one click away from the software interface. There are many tweaks available. Some will improve performance and some develop new accessibility rules and some help you recover from malware attacks etc. So go to the below link and download this free portable software.

Download : http://fcorpsoft.tk/ (Click on Tweakers, which is the 3rd one from bottom)

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