FixBee – A Simple Hard Drive Defragmentation & System Cleanup Tool

Defragmentation of hard drive is one of the oldest tweak to speed up PCs and and it still works brilliantly. There are many free disk defragmentation tools and FixBee is one such defragmentation tool.

FixBee Disk Optimizer
FixBee Disk Optimizer

Two of its main features are :

  • Cleaning junk files from hard drives.
  • Defragment hard drive.

The software will install Searchqu Toolbar by default, but if you choose Custom Installation then this can be avoided by unchecking the options. The interface of the program is easy to use, first go to Settings to include the drives for cleaning, to select the mode of cleaning (Recycle Bin, Permanent) and to use the Schedule function.

To keep your PC running smoothly, FixBee provides automated maintenance so you don’t even have to worry about remembering to defragment your computer!

FixBee Settings
FixBee Settings

Before defragmenting hard drive, it is wise to clean junk files; the in-built System CleanUp option can help in this direction, so click on it and hit the Start Scan Now button.

Fixbee cleaning junk
Fixbee cleaning junk

Now when the cleaning is performed then defrag the hard drive can start, this will take a while to finish and the progress bar will guide to the end. The operation includes two steps;

Analyzing Hard Drive
Analyzing Hard Drive

In the first step, it will analyze selected hard drive with result shown as follow:

  • Your Current Optimization Score (Higher is better).
  • Largest Contiguous Free Space (Higher is better).
  • Number of Non Optimized Files Found.
  • Optimization Recommended YES/NO.
Defragmenting Hard Drive
Defragmenting Hard Drive

The second step is the defragmentation itself. Based upon the recommendation in the first step, user can decide to start defragmentation or not to perform. Defragmentation can also be stopped to resume later, the progress bar will give real time view on Now Optimizing. The defragmentation time will depend on the hard drive size, fragmented files etc,. At the end a small report will be shown within the interface or as web page when clicked on Detailed report.

As you can see FixBee is simple. Novices will find it easy to use, but advanced users would like more options available in the defrag engine. If you are looking for a free defragment software then give it a try.

Download :  FixBee (Web Installer)


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2 Responses

  1. morfor says:

    Do you mean PageDefrag, that is the limitations of the Windows NT/2000 (You can use sysinternals PageDefrag v2.32). It runs as a boot-time process that defragments the system files before they are locked by windows.

    Microsoft made most of the system files moveable starting with Vista. So if the built in windows defrag can move system files then we expect all the other software to be able to do that. Parhaps better Defragging the page files requires one to do it before Windows boots. But since algorithms of softs differs from one to another and also from Windows OS to another then they will do it differently. The exceptions are certain system files that must be stored in specific locations.

    Fixbee is straightforward and so not much control like single file defrag…

    how good is it compared to others progs as Defragler, Puran, O&O?
    the mentioned softs have some years of activites behind at least the well known O&O and they support Defragment exactly what you want. They are all well reviewed and experienced.
    The best way to compare is to make test on the same drive and to find gain space for instance after defrag, also speed of booting, program launch…but this requires at least 4 identical hard drives with the same state!

    if you feel well with a certain defrag tool then stick with it, sometimes even well known defrag tool can cause peoblem so safety first. You can also make a restore point in order to go bakc to an earlier state if something happens on the road.

  2. Corno says:

    Does it also defrag those systemfiles that are left alone by Windows own defrag prog?
    And, how good is it compared to others progs as Defragler, Puran, O&O?

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