Launch Applications and Browse Files Quickly with miniWE

Trying 3rd party application launchers in Windows is not a new practice in the life of many Windows users. Fortunately there are many interesting applications that can easily fit to the user demand. miniWE (with Transparent glass window interface) is a combination of Quick Launch Bar and Windows Explorer, that lets you launch applications and browse files/folders quickly.

miniWE launcher

miniWE launcher

miniWE installation is easy and will help user to organize applications, files or folders to quickly access  them especially when they are hidden deep inside Windows hard drive. After launching miniWE the user will see a thumbnail (on Windows taskbar) hosting files, applications shortcuts etc,. As the author says :

No more closing the folder window after you launch an app. You can also group documents and many other files as well.

Features of miniWE :

  • Navigate through folders, open files, launch program 3-in-1.
  • Drag & drop files/folders to add “Shortcut” to main page folder.
  • Main page folder, icon size, column count, and file name display are all customizable.
  • Show picture thumbnails (additionally, one per folder as well).
  • Use the wizard to create more miniWE to target different Main Page Folders.
  • Allow to open main folder right away. This is a good alternative for pinning a folder in Windows 7.
  • Any Windows Machine with .Net 3.0 installed.
miniWE launching Photos folder

Access folders (for example Photos folder) quickly

By default, miniWE will not show the name of file/folder/application, since this will make the launcher interface bigger. But, this can lead to confusion as we don’t see the names of files etc. Fortunately, you have the option to reveal filename. In order to do this click on Setup icon located bottom right corner and the application will reveal the Setup menu then just check the box Show File Name. You can also modify the Column Numbers, Change Current Folder and Create More miniWE.

miniWE create more wizard

miniWE createmore wizard

The wizard Create More miniWE will guide you through the process.

  • Give a number Like 1.
  • If you wish to run miniWE on Windows Startup check the box Make an Extra copy in my Startup Folder.
  • Click on Create a Shortcut on My Desktop (To see another way to create a miniWE short cut click on Manual Instructions).
  • Now point to the desired folder like Music etc. You can do this by clicking on the Setup icon after launching miniWE v_1, then either use Browse Folder or Edit by Hand, once the path is chosen exit miniWE v_1 and then re-launch to take effect.
  • You can also customize the icons of shortcuts, so that you don’t get confused which miniWE points to which folder. To do this, right click on any miniWE then choose Properties and then Change Icon (access the shortcut properties for a pinned shortcut by first right-clicking on the taskbar button, and then right-clicking on miniWE name in the Jump List).

Tip : It is better to create additional miniWE with different ID, so as to prevent miniWE from being grouped by Win7 taskbar.

miniWE shortcut can be pinned to the Windows taskbar, the easiest way is to drag and drop the shortcut to Windows taskbar, for alternative methods read the Manual Instructions while creating a new miniWE shortcut.

Applications like miniWE are very important, especially in our age, because getting work done doesn’t matter any more. How quickly you do the work only matters today. Good thing about miniWE is that you can can have as many miniWE as you wish (miniWE with different ID) pointing to different paths such as one miniWE to launch your picture folder (Preview Photo Thumbnails inside miniWE), another one to browse your music folder and another one to monitor your downloads folder, for youtube for instance etc. So, start using miniWE to save time and increase productivity.

Download : miniWE

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