List of Freewares to Batch Download Images From Google Images

In some situations we may find ourselves downloading images online, may be to have a new wallpaper or to enhance our presentations or seminars to make them more interesting. Downloading images isn’t a big task, thanks to Google. But, downloading them in batch is difficult. For example, consider you want to download wallpapers of a particular theme (say Sunset images), so as to put a wallpaper slideshow of them in Windows. Downloading them one-by-one is definitely not the solution, so here are few freewares that helps you in downloading images easily and in batch mode.

WIG light: It automatically saves Google Image search for you. E.g. When you enter “Moon”, in the search field, you will end up with a folder named “Moon” inside the directory where WIG Light archive was extracted containing many full-scale images. Hence you can quickly download the images.

It has an Advanced Search option which has a dedicated interface and users can define some options such as picture’s size, color, type, content, enable preview etc. The software is available for PC and Mac. Also, it has a Pro version that enables the download of more than 30 images per search. Batch Search will be unlocked plus Child Safe feature.

The advantage of WIG Light is the portable feature so you can carry the software in a USB key and use it on another PC.

Download : WIG Light

Multi Image Downloader: It is also a portable software with a dedicated interface to host a Google Image download link. First open Google Images in your favorite browser, do a search and then, on MultiImage Downloader click Get URL.

Multi Image Downloader

Multi Image Downloader

Then, specify the number of pages (E.g. Up to 5) to grab image from, then click on Get image links button so this will populate Image links from various sources based on the search. Then, specify the destination folder and then click on Download button.

Download : Multi Image Downloader

Google Image Downloader:  This software is a bit different from the above two. It comes with some options to define the search to download photos, such as with specific Rights: Public Domain, Attribute, Share Alike, Non-Commercial, Non-Derived, Commercial With Modification.

Google Image Downloader

Google Image Downloader

If you plan to use the downloaded images for commercial use then this software will help you to avoid complication.

  • Automatically get up to 64 images per search. (This is Google’s limitation, not GiD’s).
  • You can use filters just like using Google images.

Download : Google Image Downloader

Google Image Ripper: This is an online tool, so it can be used everywhere and all that is required is a computer with internet browser.

Google Image Ripper

Google Image Ripper

Google Image Ripper comes with a minimalist layout and displays images with direct download links and an option to visit website. Full sized images are displayed in slideshow. It also has few filters that lets you configure the search.

Visit :

Do you have alternative methods? then please share with us.

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