Machete Lite – Free And Easy Video Editor To Cut, Join And Edit Videos

During vacation we take photos and videos so as to cherish the memories of those wonderful moments, in later times. After coming back to home, we need to work on videos to cut unnecessary parts, remove audio, add background music… etc. Since we are not really experts in this field we try to find simple solution to what seems to be big hills. Machete Lite is freeware with a simple intuitive interfaces which does not require special knowledge to work with.

Starting the installation is easy and you will notice that in Machete Lite, Options are limited, since there is a shareware version. For basic trim-and-join operations, remove audio… etc, Machete lite is handy as it also supports drag and drop for input. The LED panel will display the type of the opened file (AVI, WMV). If the LED panel displays “NO EDIT”, it means that Machete does not currently support the editing functions for this file format then perhaps the shareware version is appropriate to handle that format.

Editing video with Machete Lite
Editing video with Machete Lite

You can navigate through the video and jump from one frame to another looking for the perfect spot to cut. To cut video use the keys under the player, then click save with the preferred audio stream if there are multiple (up to 4). Sometime we would like to watch the same video frames sequence many times and this can be true if we recorded the video ourselves, Machete lite can help in this situation. If you want to copy/paste or cut video you must be familiar with Key Frame sentence in Machete (Look in Help Topics).

Managing multiple audio streams
Managing multiple audio streams

Any selection should match the rules for key frame editing in Machete. To easily locate key frames in your video file, use Previous key frame and Next key frame buttons. When a slider is positioned on a key frame, the Key frame indicator on the LED Panel will become active:

  • Cut: both selection boundaries should be set to key frames (or to the beginning/end of the file). 
  • Copy: at least the beginning of a selection should be set to a key frame (the same applies to the function Save the selection as…).
  • Paste, Insert a File at the current position…: you need to set an insert point (current position) to a key frame (or to the end of the file). 
  • Delete: at least the end of a selection should be set to a key frame (or to the end of the file).

Machete lite can help during reordering a certain video by Cut and Paste exercise or to add another video sequence to the desired position. The fact that Machete is a “lossless” editor which means that it doesn’t re-process or re-encode your video, so output file will be generated quickly, preserving the same quality as the original video. If you find the perfect frame to capture/save a snapshot (Shift+F) in bmp format then click on the camera button or go to File and choose Save the current frame.

Machete Video Editor Lite features:

  • Play AVI and WMV video files, choose Audio Stream.
  • Edit WMV video files (*.wmv, *.asf), AVI video files (*.avi).
  • cut, copy, delete and paste fragments of video files.
  • save video fragments as separate files.
  • insert one video file into another file of the same format.
  • Extract and save video stream as a separate file.
  • Edit file tags (metadata) for all supported media formats.
  • File Information: Type, Video and Audio Codec, Average bit rate…
  • Save a video frame as a bitmap (*.bmp) file.

If you need a fast way to cut/paste, join video, then this lite version is very handy. Machete Lite does not support editing of audio files. To edit audio or more video formats like MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, FLV or WMA then you have to activate the 14 days fully-functional trial version of Machete and purchase a license if it does what you are looking for.

Download : Machete Lite

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