oGet, Integrates Any Download Manager into Opera

At one time or the other everyone will give a shot at Opera in their computing life. Only few become loyal users, while others revert back to their loved one. There may be many reasons for that and one of the reason may be that their download manager won’t support Opera. As Opera don’t have resume feature for downloads, the use of Download Manager is a must. Unfortunately only few download managers supports latest version of Opera. For example, Free Download Manager won’t support Opera 11. There may be many Download Managers like FDM. Today, we’ll put a full stop to this issue by using oGet.

oGet, is similar to Flashgot of Firefox, that integrates any download manager into Opera. oGet can integrate more than 20 download managers with Opera, irrespective of whether that Download Manager supports Opera integration or not. By default, oGet Don’t Catch Links (This option is at the bottom of configuration window). It integrates download managers (DM) through right click menu i.e. to download a file using DM you have to right-click on the download link and then choose Download with oGet. But, this is not an optimal solution. Fortunately, oGet gives you option to catch all links via configuration window, this can be done by clicking Don’t Catch Links checkbox several times until it says Catch All Links. Now, click OK to save configuration. If your Download Manager is not in the list, then you can choose Custom Download Manager and then integrate it with Opera.

This way you can integrate any download manager into Opera.

Download : oGet

Note :

  1. Win 7/Vista users must run Oget as administrator. To do this right click on Oget_setup and choose Run as Administrator.
  2. At first, when you run Oget it asks you to choose Opera folder. So, browse to Program Files and choose Opera folder.

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  1. TRY says:

    Thanks Samuel for the share, I really appreciate it 😀


  2. TRY says:

    Thanks Samuel, This is indeed very useful.I wonder if are there any other apps like this available for other popular browsers 😉


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