Opera 12 Released With New Features Like Do Not Track, Hardware Acceleration

Opera is a well-known web browser that has been around since many years. Even though it is not as popular Firefox, IE or Chrome, it is known for its unique features that are supported out-of-the-box. Continuing its uniqueness in every release, today Opera has upgraded its browser to new version 12, that comes with many new features, improvements and also says good bye to few features (widgets and unite).

No Change in Interface. But Opera 12 employs new Theme Engine

No Change in Interface. But Opera 12 employs new Theme Engine

Interesting New Features :

Hardware Acceleration :

The term Hardware Acceleration is not new, browsers like Firefox and Chrome have this feature. But, Opera is a year late. Anyway, at last Opera supports Hardware Acceleration, that is, to make use of GPU (Graphics cards) to render animations, rather than putting load on CPU.

Enabling Hardware Acceleration in Opera 12

Enabling Hardware Acceleration in Opera 12

By default, Hardware Acceleration is disabled. In order to Enable it you have to type the following in address bar and hit Enter


and then, search Hardware Acceleration and then toggle the value to 1, to enable it.

I wish, they’d add a checkbox to the Preferences window to let users easily access this setting.

New CPU Monitor (Opera:CPU)

Finding makes Opera slow is never been so easier. Just type Opera:CPU in the address bar and hit enter. Opera’s new CPU monitor will then show you how much memory is being used. The information given is very detailed and includes info on how much memory is being used up by each tab, plugin etc.

New CPU Monitor gives in-detail memory usage of Opera

New CPU Monitor gives in-detail memory usage of Opera

Do Not Track :

Opera now supports Do Not Track header. Do Not Track feature is disabled by default and you’ve to go to Preferences to enable it.

Enabling Do Not Track Header

Enabling Do Not Track Header

Out-of-process plugins :

Opera has just become more stabler. It now isolates the processes of plugins from the main browser process. That means it sandboxes itself from the processes of plugins and hence even if a plugin crashes, the browser will still be able to run.

Native Camera Support :

Many of us have web cams and in order to email your picture to your friend, first, you have to open webcam software, take the pic, then open web browser and then email. But, you don’t need to do all that stuff now. With Opera 12, your favorite websites can access your camera directly, using which you can take pictures or video of you and then email to friends without leaving Opera.

Other features :

  • Performance improvements to 64-bit Mac and Windows
  • Improved Address bar functionality
  • Support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 updated
  • With improved theme engine, new skins can be now applied in just one-click.
  • Improved performance while starting-up with multiple tabs and many more features….

As you can see, many new features are added, existing features improved and some features like Unite, Widgets and Voice are discontinued. Not only that, the start and shut-off times of Opera 12 are improved a lot too. So, download and try Opera 12 using the link below.

Download : Opera 12

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