What actually is Opera Turbo?

Two days back I wrote a post here on how to save bandwidth of your broadband. There I mentioned many useful bandwidth savers. Today I came across another bandwidth saver, perhaps the better than some of those I mentioned there and it is Opera Turbo.

I came to know about Opera turbo when Opera 10 was released, but I never activated it. Actually, I am a Firefox guy, so most of the time I surf using this fox. But my last month broadband bill drove me crazy. So, I decided to minimize my broadband bill by using internet within the limit. I don’t want to go away from keyboard, but I want to use my resources efficiently. Also, another criteria that made me use Opera is that ImgLikeOpera extension (which I use to save some bandwidth) is not working anymore with the latest Firefox. Finally, I am using Opera.

What is this Opera Turbo?

Opera Turbo activateLet us hear it from the makers of Opera and what they say about Opera Turbo :

Opera Turbo, a server-side optimization and compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections by compressing network traffic. This does not only make you surf faster, but also lowers the cost of browsing when you are on a pay per usage plan.

Mechanism of Opera Turbo

Mechanism of Opera Turbo

Actually what happens is that whenever you visit a website the data of that website such as text, images etc will be saved to your computer as cache. Many sites such as Tech I Share weigh only few KB’s, so they barely eat your bandwidth. But sites like Flickr, Photobucket etc will use more bandwidth because they deal everything in photos and photos take more size. So, what Opera Turbo does is, it won’t download the data directly from the website to your computer. Instead it uses Opera Turbo server (which will be maintained by Opera Inc.) to get the data from that website and compresses everything such as text, images etc. After the data is compressed, then Opera Turbo server will send that compressed data to your computer. The procedure seems to be long theoretically but in reality you don’t observe any delay.

Opera Turbo comparison

For example, if the size of a photo is 200 KB, then Opera Turbo can compress it into mere 50 or 40 KB. Opera Turbo uses JPEG compression to crush photos. You can see the above sample photo of an Ad at Tech I Share and you can actually see how Opera Turbo crushes the images. Yeah, it looks ugly but if you are looking to save money that you waste, then things like this will help you seriously. So, Opera Turbo is all about crush, compress, speed up and last but not the least can save you some bucks 🙂

Download : Opera

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3 Responses

  1. Rajesh says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. paulcrousel says:

    Nice to make fast browsing
    Go to Tools > Quick Preferences and click Enable Opera Turbo.
    To go back to Normal Mode, repeat the same method again. Obviously the image quality will be reduced in Turbo Mode, so do not expect the same image quality that is in normal mode

    • Samuel says:

      How did I forget it to mention how to enable Opera Turbo? Thanks for reminding me Paul.
      Another way is to click that watch, which is at left-bottom of Opera browser. Click it to enable or disable.
      Opera Turbo is much better than paid products like Onspeed. I tried it and it didn’t worked and I am happy that Opera made something like Onspeed and made it available for free. That’s great!

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