Tech I Share hacked?

Hi friends, sorry for not posting any article in this week and also many of you might observed that Tech I Share under went a sudden, uninformed maintenance service. I decided to take this site down because someone/bot tried to hack Tech I Share. Yes, an attempt was made to hack Tech I Share. The attack is a minor one. Someone cracked the password and put in unknown folders in which there are many php files. Through these php files they tried to inject keywords into Tech I Share. The security of Tech I Share visitors is our first preference and I don’t want anyone to lose anything because of my site. That’s why I decided to take strong measures even though the hack is a minor one. Hence I brought it down and I hardened the blog, so that it can withstand any malicious attack.

If you are a wordpress or security expert, then please suggest me much stronger ways on how to improve blog security. I tried Ask Apache password protect plugin, but it only messed up the blog. Do you know how to use it? If yes, please reply to this article and guide me on how to set it up successfully. Thanks in advance!

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