Quick Pop Menu : Handy Pop-Up Menu Launcher For Windows

Everyday we use different types of softwares. But, we find ourselves spending most of our time only on few softwares (like web browsers, media player etc). So, assigning hotkeys etc, to such softwares, can quickly launch such daily used software or important folders that are buried deep inside Windows explorer, and hence can reduce time and improve productivity of our work. Quick Pop Menu is handy software that can be called whenever user needs fast access to programs or even their favorite URLs.

Quick Pop Menu

Quick Pop Menu

Quick Pop Menu is portable, after running the exe file, corresponding to the 32 or 64bits version of your Windows OS, a small pop-up window will let user to start quickly configuring and customizing the launcher. Within each x86 and x64 folder there is Shortcuts folder. Adding or dropping any shortcuts, to a file or folder, will create a corresponding item to the Quick Pop Menu floating menu. You can place folders and subfolders as well in order to organize shortcuts (for example, according to their categories). The changes will be detected by the program and applied automatically.

By default, Quick Pop Menu uses the combination of Ctrl and middle mouse keys to pop up inform of a floating menu on the Windows desktop screen. The key combinations can be customized via program’s sys-tray icon (Settings —> Set Hotkey). From the settings menu in sys-tray icon you can start Quick Pop Menu with Windows or even to Add Shortcut Menu inTray.

Customizing hotkeys

Customizing hotkeys

If you have a mouse with several buttons then you can customize (Advanced Usage) a button to call specific menu acting like a second menu. Use the link below, to follow the guide to set keys to launch specific menu.


Quick Pop Menu is a lightweight application. If you are that kind of a user who wants to get things done quickly, then Quick Pop Menu is for you. Being portable is an added advantage of it. The program works from the early Windows 2000 to 7 in both 32 and 64bits version, download the software from this link.

Download : Quick Pop Menu

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