Process Liquidator Lets You Terminate Process Quickly From System Tray

The usual way of killing a process requires the launch of Windows task manager (“Alt+Ctrl+Delete“ or  “Ctrl + Shift + ESC”). If the system is less responsive, then opening a new window can take some time. But, if a process killer runs from Windows taskbar, then it is only a click away and thus is faster to call it. Process liquidator is such a program which works from Windows taskbar via an icon in system tray and it can be a good Task Manager alternative.

Before installation of Process Liquidator users must pay attention, in order to not install toolbars and other unnecessary software.

If you were familiar with the previous version of Process Liquidator, you will notice that the interface changed and displays more info. Also, skins can be switched to Aqua, Grey or Sand.

A left click on Process Liquidator icon on system tray will bring up the interface whereas right click will shut down the software. You can also hover the mouse on the left edge of the screen to reveal Process Liquidator, this will show horizontal flat panel interface.

Interface of Process Liquidator

Interface of Process Liquidator

User will see all running processes. There is also panel added which shows some basic information about the selected process (name, PID, architecture, windows, child processes, owner and domain). Double clicking on a process, lists process Window.

A simple right click on a process will invite to shut down the process. Also, there is an option to terminate a process using Delete Key on Keyboard. This option can be activated from Config window under Process Options.

Process Liquidator Options

Process Liquidator Options

Features of Process Liquidator :

  • Portable! You can install or copy the files to a portable drive and take it with you.
  • Information about selected process (name, PID, architecture, windows, child processes, owner and domain).
  • Process Liquidator can be configured to display only parent processes, or both parent and child processes.
  • Ability to terminate a process with a single click!
  • 3 additional methods to terminate a process.
  • Ability to show/hide the process list when mouse cursor enters a predefined screen edge region.  Up to 3 regions can be activated and their width and height is adjustable.
  • List only visible or all windows belonging to a process.
  • Quickly access the Process Liquidator interface by positioning the cursor in a predefined hot-spot.
  • Ability to list windows belonging to a process

One issue with Process Liquidator is that the panel fades away quickly. But, there is the ability to leave it visible by activating Stay Open which is located at the bottom-left of the panel. If you want to have Fade Transition effect then this can be tweaked from Config window.

Process Liquidator works with for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32/64 bit). You can download your free copy from the link below :

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