Recover your lost Windows password with OphCrack

Forgotten your Windows password? Don’t know how to retrieve it? Even I went through such situations and the only way (till now) to get back to my work is by re-installing the O.S. There are many Windows password recovery softwares, but many of them are way too costly. So, I have to look for an alternative solution which is affordable by everyone. At last, I found OphCrack, a Linux!

Yes, OphCrack, a Linux flavor like Ubuntu, is specially made for Windows users. It is basically a Windows account password cracker. If you or your friend have lost their Windows account password, then you can download OphCrack Live CD. After downloading it, burn it unto a CD and boot your computer from CD, in order to use OphCrack Live CD.

Recover Windows xp, vista, 7 password for freeOphCrack is developed in such a way that even absolute beginner can operate it without any hassle. Once OphCrack goes live, it shows you the Windows partitions (in which O.S. is loaded) that are there on the computer. You have to select anyone of the Windows partition. Once you select the partition OphCrack will try to crack the lost password using brute-force method and the cracked password will be given to you. It’s so simple.

Thank you Linux for helping Window-ers.

Download : OphCrack Live CD

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4 Responses

  1. muaz says:

    Please i need Gdata antivirus product keys

  2. 47rado says:

    Funguje to aj na windows 7 ?

  3. ha14 says:

    Nice software and as all it will depend on how many character is composed the password, so longer take more time. For instance 10-character password was cracked in 40 seconds.

    If some find its long to wait then possible Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is also a choice and works differently than ophrack. It erases your Windows password instead of recovering it. You can then simply log in to your account without entering a password.

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