Review of Advanced SystemCare 5, Free Version

Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare (ASC) is a popular system optimization software for Windows. Yesterday, Iobit has upgraded both versions of Advanced SystemCare (ASC), i.e. Free and Pro. All new Advanced SystemCare 5, comes with some new features and many improvements. So, without wasting any time let us quickly take a look at the new features of free version of ASC 5.

Advanced System Care 5 Interface

Installation :

Installation is straight forward and simple. But, do note one point. If you are installing ASC 5 on a system that is connected to internet, then you’ll see Ads. At the last step of installation, Iobit will recommend you other products. If you like the software then click on Accept and install the advertised product. If not, click on Decline or Skip to finish the setup without installing the advertised software.

Advanced System Care 5 Ads in Setup

Interface :

There aren’t much changes made to ASC 5. The interface of ASC 5 looks very similar to ASC 4. Only changes that I’ve seen are made to the main interface and the Toolbox.

Only small changes are made to main interface. ASC 5 will show you the health of your PC and it will also give recommendations to improve performance.

ASC PC Health

The performance monitor of ASC 4 is now removed.

Removed in ASC 5

Removed from ASC 5

So, if you want to check the status of your PC, then click on the link called Status, which is in PC Health block in main interface. It will show you the current status of your PC.

ASC 5 PC Health Report

New Full Mode Interface for Toolbox :

Toolbox is a collection of more than 20 different optimization tools. In ASC 5, a new interface called Full mode is introduced. This full mode interface will give you quick access to all available tools from one single window.

ASC 5 Toolbox Full mode

New Features :

ActiveBoost :

ActiveBoost is a system resource manager. It constantly runs in the background and improves PC performance by boosting inactive processes etc.

ASC 5 Active Boost

Cloud Updates :

Definition updates to ASC 5 are now served in the cloud. So, no need to download definition updates everytime.

Turbo Boost (Improved) :

If I can remember correctly, Turbo Boost is a paid feature in ASC 4. But, in ASC 5, Turbo Boost is available in the free version itself. Making Turbo Boost available in the free version is really the best move made by Iobit.

Turbo Boost in ASC 5 Free version

Also, Turbo Boost is improved in ASC 5. It now offers two profiles, one is Work Mode and the other is Game Mode. Game Mode frees up more resources than Work Mode. So, choose the desired option depending on your requirement.

Other features of ASC 5 :

Quick Care – Fixes shortcuts, invalid registry entries, browser history, junk files etc

Deep Care – It has all the optimization techniques of Quick Care, along with Registry and disk defragmentation, System and Startup Optimization etc.

Toolbox provides 20 different tools like – Uninstaller, Process Manager, Driver Manager, File Shredder etc.

Conclusion :

Advanced SystemCare 5 is a nice blend of legacy system optimization techniques and latest technologies. Addition of Turbo Boost and ActiveBoost has just made it even more powerful.

Download : Advanced SystemCare Free 5

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19 Responses

  1. maggie says:

    hey, i am just an anonymous reader. However, i would like to say a few words about your review. it does present the features and improvements of this software. however, what people want to get from a review is an honest opinion, with all the good and the bad. maybe, you will consider this aspect for this review and any future writings. over the web, we can find many contradictory opinions and many people are turning towards review websites and blogs in order to know what to do. therefore, your review should help people to take a documented decision between trying (buying) or not trying (buying) the product. unfortunately, your review cannot help people to make a choice. it is important to tell people whether this software can mess up their computers or not – and what functions can create problems. this is what people expect from a review besides the features.
    check the review for advanced system care from Cnet over there, you can find the features of this product, some useful advices – many people have messed up their computers because they used the functions of this software wrongly (check the comment about Turbo Boost) – and the opinion of the specialists about the software. therefore, you should try to write a comprehensive review, containing more than just the system’s features and capabilities. i read more gladly a review of 3.000 words, which is comprehensive and honest, than short posts that do not say much. this is just my opinion.

    • Samuel says:

      Usually we focus on speed readers who want short and apt articles. From now on, we’ll try to satisfy users like you too by rectifying the mistakes which you pointed out. I really appreciate you for taking time and thanks a lot for sharing your valuable opinion.

  2. Lowtech says:

    Bring back the desktop ASC 4 performance monitor! Dropping this is a huge mistake.

  3. John Matt says:

    Thanks Sam for the link.

  4. IObit says:

    Dear Techishare,

    Thanks for sharing IObit Advanced SystemCare 5 Lauch news and reviewing it with the readers and users here on Cheers! We are glad that you would like and use this program. Any comments from you are important to us.

  5. John Matt says:

    Ooppsss it didnt work…license of ASC4 did not work on ASC 5

    • Samuel says:

      Hmmm. That’s weird. Usually, time limited licenses come with free updates and upgrades, as many antivirus companies do. So, I thought it was the same with IObit. So, it means they limit the license both on time and version :(. I suggest you to contact IObit directly from this page

  6. John Matt says:

    Thanks for the information..Samuel

  7. Swarup says:

    Very quick review.
    Thanks Samuel for this good ASC 5 review.

  8. John Matt says:

    Hi. Thanks for this review. Does a license of ASC 4 work on version 5?

    • Samuel says:

      Hi John. Usually, subscription period of ASC license is for one year. So, I think you are entitled for free updates and upgrades within this subscription period. So, if your subscription hasn’t expired, then go ahead and upgrade to ASC 5.

  9. yh good review, but the company’s reputation is at stake after malware bytes controversy.

  1. December 18, 2011

    […] SystemCare comes in two versions, Free and Pro, and last month we’ve discussed about the new Advanced SystemCare 5 free version. As a part of our Christmas Celebrations we are giving away few licenses of Advanced SystemCare Pro […]

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